List of Names from British War Department

List compiled by ‘The Society Of Old Brooklynites’ in 1888.*

“This list of names was copied from the papers of the British War Department. There is nothing to indicate what became of any of these prisoners, whether they died, escaped, or were exchanged. The list seems to have been carelessly kept, and is full of obvious mistakes in spelling the names. Yet it shall be given just as it is, except that the names are arranged differently, for easier reference. This list of prisoners is the only one that could be found in the British War Department. What became of the lists of prisoners on the many other prison ships, and prisons, used by the English in America, we do not know.”

*Names marked are not from the list, but correspondence sent by descendants or others.

 List Of 8000 Men Who Were Prisoners On Board The Old Jersey

Garret Aarons, John Aarons (2), Alexander Abbett, John Abbett, James Abben, John Abbott, Daniel Abbott, Abel Abel, George Abel, Jacob Aberry, Jabez Abett, Philip Abing, Thomas Abington, Christopher Abois, William Aboms, Daniel Abrams, Don Meegl (Miguel) Abusure, Gansio Acito, Abel Adams, Amos Adams, Benjamin Adams, David Adams, Isaac Adams, John Adams (4), Lawrence Adams, Moses Adams, Nathaniel Adams, Pisco Adams, Richard Adams, Stephen Adams, Thomas Adams, Warren Adams, Amos Addams, Thomas Addett, Benjamin Addison, David Addon, John Adlott, Robert Admistad, Noah Administer, Win. Adamson (2), John Adobon, James Adovie, Sebastian de Aedora, Jean Aenbie, Michael Aessinis, Frances Affille, Joseph Antonio Aguirra, Thomas Aguynoble, John Aires, Robert Aitken, Thomas Aiz, Manuel Ajote, Jacob Akins, Joseph Aker (2), Richard Akerson, Charles Albert, Piere Albert, Robert Albion, Joachin Alconan, Joseph de Alcorta, Juan Ignacid Alcorta, Pedro Aldaronda, Humphrey Alden, Fred Aldkin, George Aldridge, Jacob Alehipike, Jean Aleslure, Archibald Alexander, John Alexander (2) , Lehle Alexander , William Alexander, Thomas Alger, Christopher Aliet, Joseph Aliev, George Alignott, Joseph Allah, Gideon Allan, Hugh Allan, Francis Allegree, Baeknel Allen, Bancke Allen, Benjamin Allen, Bucknell Allen, Ebeneser Allen, George Allen, Gideon Allen, Isaac Allen, John Allen (5), Josiah Allen, Murgo Allen, Richard Allen (2), Samuel Allen (7), Squire Allen, Thomas Allen (3), William Allen (4), Jean Allin, Caleb Allis, Bradby Allison, Bradey Allison, James Allison, Francis Alment, Arrohan Almon, Aceth Almond, William Alpin, Jacob Alsfrugh, Jacob Alsough, Jacob Alstright, James Alsworth, Thomas Alvarey, Miguel Alveras, Don Ambrose Alverd, Joseph Alvey, James Alwhite, George Alwood, James Alwood, Charles Amey, Anthony Amingo, Manuel Amizarma, Nathaniel Anabel, Austin Anaga, Jean Ancette, Charles Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Robert Anderson, William Anderson (3), George Andre, Benjamin Andrews, Charles Andrews, Dollar Andrews, Ebeneser Andrews, Francis Andrews, Frederick Andrews, Jerediah Andrews, John Andrews (4), Jonathan Andrews, Pascal Andrews, Philany Andrews, Thomas Andrews, William Andrews, Guillion Andrie, Pashal Andrie, Dominique Angola, Andre D. C. Annapolen, Joseph Anrandes, John Anson, William Anster, David Anthony, Davis Anthony, Samuel Anthony, Pierre Antien, Jacques Antiqua, Jean Anton, Francis Antoni, John Antonio, Daniel Appell, Daniel Apple, Thomas Appleby, Samuel Appleton, Joseph Aquirse, __ Arbay, Abraham Archer, James Archer, John Archer, Stephen Archer, Thomas Arcos, Richard Ariel, Asencid Arismane, Ezekiel Arne, Jean Armised, James Armitage, Elijah Armsby, Christian Armstrong, William Armstrong, Samuel Arnibald, Amos Arnold, Ash Arnold, Samuel Arnold, Charles Arnolds, Samuel Arnolds, Thomas Arnold, Andres Arral, Manuel de Artol, Don Pedro Asevasuo, Hosea Asevalado, James Ash, Henry Ash, John Ashbey, John Ashburn, Peter Ashburn, John Ashby, Warren Ashby, John Ashley, Andrew Askill, Francis Aspuro, John Athan, George Atkins, John Atkins, Silas Atkins, John Atkinson, Robert Atkinson, William Atkinson, James Atlin, Duke Attera, Jean Pierre Atton, John Atwood, Henry Auchinlaup, Joseph Audit, Anthony Aiguillia, Igarz Baboo Augusion, Peter Augusta, Thomas Augustine, Laurie Aujit, George Austin, Job Avery, Benjamin Avmey, Francis Ayres, Don Pedro Azoala, Franklin Babcock, William Babcock, James Babel, Jeremiah Babell, Jean Babier, Ahel Baboard, Vascilla Babtreause, Francis Bachelier, Jonathan Bachelor, Antonio Backalong, Francis Backay, Benjamin Bacon, Esau Bacon, Judah Bacon, Stephen Badante, Laurence Badeno, William Badick, Jonathan Baddock, John Baggar, Barnett Bagges, Adam Bagley, Joseph Bahamony, John Bailey (2), William Bailey, Moses Baird, Joseph Baisolus, William Baison, William Batho, Christopher Baker, Ebenezer Baker, John Baker (2), Joseph Baker, Judah Baker, Lemuel Baker, Nathaniel Baker, Pamberton Baker, Pemberton Baker, Pembleton Baker, Thomas Baker (3), David Baldwin, James Baldwin, John Baldwin, Nathaniel Baldwin, Ralph Baldwin, Thomas Ball, Benjamin Ballard, John Ballast, Joseph Balumatigua, Ralf Bamford, Jacob Bamper, Peter Banaby, James Bandel, Augustine Bandine, Pierre Bandine, John Banister (2), Matthew Bank, James Banker, John Banks, Matthew Banks, Jean Rio Bapbsta, Jean Baptista, Gale Baptist, Jean Baptist, John Barber, Gilbert Barber, John Barden, William Barenoft, Walter Bargeman, Joseph Bargeron, Charles Bargo, Mabas Bark, Benjamin Barker, Edward Barker, Jacom Barker, John Barker, Peter Barker, Thomas Barker, Benjamin Barkly, Joseph Barkump, John Barley, James Barman, Ethiem Barnell, Charles Barnes, Henry Barnes, Wooding Barnes, John Barnett, Henry Barney, Mons Barney, Samuel Barney, William Barnhouse, James Barracks, Pierre Barratt, Abner Barre, Dennis Barrett, Enoch Barrett, Francis Barrett, Samuel Barrett, William Barrett, Robert Barrol, Bernard Barron, Enoch Barrott, Francis Barsidge, William Bartlet, Joseph Bartley, Charles Barthalemerd, Charles Bartholemew, Joseph Bartholomew, __ Bartholomew, Benjamin Bartholoyd, Petrus Bartlemie, Michael Bartol, Thomas Barton, John Basker, William Bason, Donnor Bass, Juvery Bastin, Michael Bastin, Louis Baston, Asa Batcheler, Benjamin Bate, Benjamin Bates, Henry Bates, James Bates, William Batt, John Battersley, John Battesker, Adah Batterman, Adam Batterman, George Batterman (2), Joseph Batterman, __ Baumos, Thomas Bausto, Benjamin Bavedon, George Baxter, Malachi Baxter, Richard Bayan, Joseph Bayde, Thomas Bayess, John Bayley, Joseph Baynes, Jean Baxula, John Bazee, Daniel Beal, Samuel Beal, Joseph Beane, James Beankey, James Bearbank, Jesse Bearbank, Morgan Beard, Moses Beard, Daniel Beatty, Benjamin Beasel, Joseph Beaufort, Perri Beaumont, Andrew Beck, Thomas Beck, William Beckett, Jonathan Beckwith, Francis Bedell, Frederick Bedford, Joseph Bedford, Thomas Bedford, Benjamin Beebe, Elias Beebe, Joshua Beebe, Benjamin Beeford, James Beekman, Walter Beekwith, Lewis Begand, Joseph Begley, Joseph Belcher, John Belding, Pierre Belgard, Aaron Bell, Charles Bell, Robert Bell, Uriah Bell, Alexander Bellard, Joseph Belter, Julian Belugh, Jean Bengier, Joseph Benloyde, John Benn, George Bennett, John Bennett, Joseph Bennett, Peter Bennett, Pierre Bennett, Anthony Benson, Stizer Benson, David Benton, John Benton, Peter Bentler, Nathaniel Bentley (2), Peter Bentley, William Bentley, Joshua M. Berason, Joseph Berean, Julian Berger, Lewis Bernall, Francis Bernardus, Francis Bercoute, Jean Juquacid Berra, Abner Berry, Alexander Berry, Benjamin Berry, Daniel Berry, Dennis Berry, Edward Berry, John Berry, Peter Berry (2), Philip Berry, Simon Berry, William Berry (3), Philip Berrycruise, William Berryman, Jean Bertine, Martin Bertrand, John Bertram, Andrew Besin, Jean Beshire, John Beszick, James Bett, Samuel Bevan, Jean Bevin, Benjamin Beverley, Robert Bibbistone, John Bice, Andrew Bick, John Bickety, Charles Bierd, David Bierd, Joshua Bievey, Benjamin Bigelow, Oliver Bigelow, Thomas Biggs, Jean Bilarie, Charles Bill (2), Garden Bill, John Bill (2), Pierre Bill, John Billard, James Biller, Samuel Billing, Benjamin Billings, Bradford Billings, Ezekiel Billings, Robert Billings, David Billows, Frarey Binnen, Cirretto Biola, Pierre Biran, Alexander Birch, Nathaniel Birch, Joseph Bird, Weldon Bird, Thomas Birket, Samuel Birmingham, Ezekiel Bishop, Israel Bishop, John Bishop (2), John Bissell, Jack Bissick, Osee Bissole, Pierre Bitgayse, Peter Bitton, Daniel Black, James Black (3), John Black, Joseph Black, Robert N. Black, Samuel Black (2), Timothy Black, William Black, John Blackburn, Alexander Blackhunt, William Blackpond, V. C. Blaine, John Blair, Charles Blake, Increase Blake, James Blake, Samuel Blake, Valentine Blake, David Blanch, Robert Blanch, Joseph Blancher, William Blanchet, John Blanney, Gideon Blambo, Jesse Blacque, Joseph Blateley, Lubal Blaynald, Asa Blayner, Edward Blevin, Benjamin Blimbey, William Blimbey, Joseph Blinde, William Bliss, Samuel Blissfield, Juan Blodgett, Seth Blodgett, John Blond, Lewis Blone, Louis Blong, Peter Bloome (2), Samuel Bloomfield, Jomes Blossom, James Blowen, John Bloxand, William Bluard, George Blumbarg, George Blunt (4), William Blythe, Matthew Boar, John Bobier, John Bobgier, Joseph Bobham, Jonathan Bocross, Lewis Bodin, Peter Bodwayne, John Boelourne, Christopher Boen, Purdon Boen, Roper Bogat, James Boggart, Ralph Bogle, Nicholas Boiad, Pierre Boilon, William Boine, Jacques Bollier, William Bolt, William Bolts, Bartholomew Bonavist, Henry Bone, Anthony Bonea, Jeremiah Boneafoy, James Boney, Thomas Bong, Barnabus Bonus, James Bools, William Books, John Booth, Joseph Borda, Charles Borden, John Borman, James Borrall, Joseph Bortuslies, Daniel Borus (2), Joseph Bosey, Pierre Bosiere, Jacques Bosse, Ebenezer Boswell, Gustavus Boswell, Lewis Bothal, Charles Bottis, James Bottom, Waller Bottom, Augustin Boudery, Augustus Boudery, Anthony Bouea, Theophilus Boulding, Pierre Bounet, Lewis Bourge, John Boursbo, Lawrence Bourslie, Jean Boutilla, Lewis Bouton, Edward Boven, Elijah Bowden, Arden Bowen, Elijah Bowen, Ezekiel Bowen, Paldon Bowen, Thomas Bowen (3), William Bowen, Willis Bowen, James Bowers, Thomas Bowers, Fulbur Bowes, James Bowles, Daniel Bowman, Benjamin Bowman, Elijah Bowman (2), John Bowman, Michael Bowner, John Bowrie, P. I. Bowree, Jean Bowseas, John Boyau, Thomas Boyd, John Boyde, David Boyeau, Francis Boyer, Joseph Boyne, Thomas Bradbridge, Samuel Bradbury, William Braden, James Brader, Samuel Bradfield, William Bradford, Abijah Bradley, Alijah Bradley, Daniel Bradley, James Bradley, Abraham Bradley, John Brady, James Bradyon, Ebenezer Bragg (2), William Bragley, Nathaniel Braily, Zacheus Brainard, Joseph Brainer, Zachary Brainer, William Bramber, James Branart, Aholibah Branch, William Brand, Ralf Brandford, Charles Branel, William Bransdale, David Branson, Peter Braswan, Peter Brays (2), Burdon Brayton, Peter Brayton, John Bredford, James Brehard, Elijah Bremward, Pierre Brene, George Brent, Pierre Bretton, John Brewer, Samuel Brewer, Joseph Brewett, James Brewster (2), Seabury Brewster, John Brice, Thomas Bridges, Glond Briges, Cabot Briggs, Alexander Bright, Henry Brim, Peter Brinkley, Ephraim Brion, Louis Brire, Thomas Brisk, Simon Bristo, Jalaher C. Briton, Peter Britton, Thomas Britton, Ephraim Broad (2), Ossia Broadley, Joseph Broaker, Joshua Brocton, Philip Broderick, William Broderick (2), Joseph Broge, William Brooker, Charles Brooks (2), Henry Brooks, Paul Brooks, Samel Brooks (2), Thomas Brooks, Benjamin Brown, Christopher Brown, David Brown (2), Francis Brown, Gustavus Brown (2), Hugh Brown (2), Jacob Brown, James Brown (3), Jonathan Brown, John Brown (12), Joseph Brown (3), Michael Brown, Nathaniel Brown, Patrick Brown, Peter Brown, Samuel Brown (3), William Brown (5), W. Brown, William Boogs Brown, Willis Brown, Essick Brownhill, Wanton Brownhill, Charles Brownwell, Gardner Brownwell, Pierre Brows, James Bruding, Lewis Brun, Daniel Bruton, Edward Bryan, John Bryan, Matthew Bryan, Nathaniel Bryan, William Bryan, Benjamin Bryand, Ephraim Bryand, James Bryant, William Bryant, Nicholas Bryard, Francis Bryean, Richard Bryen, Berr Bryon, Thomas Bryon, Simon Buas, Thomas Buchan, Francis Buchanan, Elias Buck, Elisha Buck, John Buck, Joseph Bucklein, Philip Buckler, Cornelius Buckley, Daniel Buckley (2), Francis Buckley, Jacob Buckley, John Buckley (3), Daniel Bucklin (2), Samuel Buckwith, David Buckworth, Benjamin Bud, Nicholas Budd, Jonathan Buddinoton, Oliver Buddington, Waller Buddington, William Budgid, John Budica, Joshua Buffins, Lawrence Buffoot, John Bugger, Silas Bugg, John Buldings, Jonathan Bulgedo, Benjamin Bullock, Thomas Bullock, Benjamin Bumbley, Lewis Bunce, Norman Bunce, Thomas Bunch, Antonio Bund, Obadiah Bunke, Jonathan Bunker, Timothy Bunker, William Bunker, Richard Bunson (2), Murdock Buntine, Frederick Bunwell, Thomas Burch, Michael Burd, Jeremiah Burden, Joseph Burden, William Burden, Jason Burdis, Daniel Burdit, Bleck Burdock, Robert Burdock [Robert Burdick* of RI], Vincent Burdock, Henry Burgess, Theophilus Burgess, Barnard Burgh, Prosper Burgo, Jean Burham, James Burke, Thomas Burke, William Burke, Michael Burkman, William Burn, Frederick Burnett, James Burney, James Burnham, Daniel Burnhill, Archibald Burns, Edward Burns (2), Henry Burns, John Burns, Thomas Burns, Stephen Burr, Pierre Burra, Francis Burrage, John Burrell, Lewis Burrell, Isaac Burrester, Jonathan Burries, Nathaniel Burris, John Burroughs, Edward Burrow, James Burton, John Burton, Jessee Byanslow, Bartholomew Byi, John Bylight, Abel Cable, Louis Cadat, Louis Pierre Cadate, Michael Cadate, John Caddington, Nathan Caddock, Jean Cado, John Cahoon, Jonathan Cahoone, Thomas Caile, David Cain (2), Thomas Cain, Samuel Caird, Joseph Caivins, Pierre Cajole, Thomas Calbourne, James Calder, Caplin Calfiere, Nathaniel Calhoun, Charles Call, Barnaby Callagham, Daniel Callaghan, William Callehan, James Callingham, Andrew Calman, Francis Calon, Parpi Calve, Nicholas Calwell, Joseph Cambridge, Edward Cameron, Simon Came, Oseas Camp, Alexander Campbell, Frederick Campbell, James Campbell, Jesse Campbell, John Campbell (2), Joseph Campbell, Philip Campbell (2), Robert Campbell, Thomas Campbell (2), James Canady, Joseph Canana, Satarus Candie, Jacob Canes, Richard Caney, Jacob Canmer, William Cannady, William Canner, Charles Cannon, Francis Cannon, John Cannon, Joseph Cannon, Samuel Cannon, Jean Canute, Francis Cape, Timothy Cape, Daniel Capnell, William Caransame, Robert Carbury, Juan Fernin Cardends, Joseph Carea, Isaac Carelton, Joseph Carender, Ezekiel Carew, Daniel Carey, John Carey (4), Joshua Carey, Richard Carey, William Cargall, Joseph Cariviot, Edward Carland, Antonio Carles, William Carles, Jean Carlton, Thomas Carlton, John Carlisle, Justan Carlsrun, Benjamin Carman, Benjamin Camell, William Carmenell, Edward Carmody, Anthony Carney, Hugh Carney, David Carns, Jean Carolin, Pierre Carowan, John Carpenter, Miles Carpenter, Richards Carpentei, Edward Carr, Isaac Carr, John Carr (2), Philip Carr, William Carr, Robert Carrall, __ Carret, Thomas Carrington, Jean Carrllo, James Carroll, John Carroll, Michael Carroll, Perance Carroll, William Carrollton, John Carrow, Peter Carroway, Avil Carson, Batterson Carson, Israel Carson, James Carson, Robert Carson (2), Samuel Carson, William Carson, Levi Carter, Thomas Carter, William Carter (2), John Carvell, Joseph Casan, Joseph Casanova, John Case, Thomas Case, Thomas Casewell, Edward Casey, John Casey, William Casey, Stephen Cash, Jacob Cashier, Jean Cashwell, Gosper Cassian, Samuel Casson, John Casp, Anthony Casper, Michael Cassey, John Castel, Joseph Castile, Thomas Castle (2), John Caswell (3), Baptist Cavalier, Francis Cavalier, George Cavalier, James Cavalier, Thomas Cavalier, Joseph Augustus Cavell, Gasnito Cavensa, Thomas Caveral, Pierre Cawan, John Cawrier, John Cawrse, Edward Cayman, Anthony Cayner, Oliver Cayaran, John Cerbantin, __ Chabbott, Perrie Chalier, Samuel Chalkeley, Hurbin Challigne, John Challoner, William Challoner, Pierre Chalore, Benjamin Chamberlain, Bird Chamberlain, Charles Chamberland, Nancy Chambers, Dore Champion, Lines Champion, Thomas Champion, Clerk Champlin, Isaac Champlin, James Chapin, Joseph Chapley, Joseph Chaplin, Josiah Chaplin, Lodowick Chaplin, Daniel Chapman, James Chapman, Jeremiah Chapman, John Chapman (2), Lion Chapman, Samuel Chapman, Charles Chappel, Frederick Chappell, John Chappell, John Charbein, Ichabod Chard, William Charfill, James Charles, John Charles, Jean Charoner, Aaron Chase, Augustus Chase (2), Earl Chase (2), George Chase (2), Lonie Chase, Samuel Chase, Jean Chatfield, Jovis Chaurine, John Cheavelin, Christopher Chenaur, Louis Chenet, Andrew Cheesebrook, David Cheesebrook, James Cheesebrook, Pierre Cheesebrook, Samuel Cheesebrook, Britton Cheeseman, James Cheevers, Christopher Chenaur, Benjamin Chencey, Louis Chenet, John Cherry, William Cherry, John Chese, Hiram Chester, Benjamin Chevalier, John Chevalier, Jean Gea Chevalier, Julian Chevalier, Edward Cheveland, Lasar Chien, Silas Childs, Cadet Chiller, Thomas Chilling, Abel Chimney, David Chinks, Leshers Chiplev, William Christan, William Christan, Henry Christian, John Christian (2), James Christie, Benjamin Chittington, Bartholomew Chivers, Benjamin Chopman, Matthew Chubb, David Chueehook, Benjamin Church (2, Israel Church, Thomas Church, John Churchill, Pierre Clabe, Edward Clamron, Benjamin Clannan, Edward ClanweIl, Supply Clap (2), Supply Twing Clap, Edward Claring, Charles Clark, Church Clark, James Clark (2), John Clark, Jubal Clark, William Clark (2), Emanuel Clarke, Daniel Clarke, Jacob Clarke, James Clarke, Joshua Clarke, Lewis Clarke, Nicholas Clarke, Noel Clarke, Stephen Clarke, Theodore Clarke, Timothy Clarke, William Clarke (2), Samuel Clarkson, Samuel Claypole, Edward Clayton, William Clayton, David Cleaveland, Michel Clemence, Clement Clements, Alexander Clerk, Gambaton Clerk, Isaac Clerk, Jacob Clerk, Jonathan Clerk, John Clerk (3), Lardner Clerk, Nathaniel Clerk, Peleg Clerk, Thomas Clerk (3), Tully Clerk, William Clerk, Thomas Clever, Jean Clineseau, David Clinton, Philip Clire, John Cloud, John Coarsin, Christian Cobb, Christopher Cobb, Francis Cobb, John Cobb, Jonathan Cobb, Nathaniel Cobb, Richard Cobb, Thomas Cobb, Christopher Cobbs, Raymond Cobbs, Timothy Cobley, Moses Cobnan, Eliphas Coburn, James Cochran, John Cochran (2), Richard Cochran, John Cocker, John Cocklin, Equatius Code, Lewis Codean, Christopher Codman, James Codner, Abel Coffin, Edward Coffin, Elias Coffin, Elisha Coffin (2), Obadiah Coffin (2), Richard Coffin, Simon Coffin (2), Zechariah Coffin, William Cogeshall, John Coggeshall, Robert Coghill, John Coblen, David Coisten, Guilliam Cokill, James Colbert, Abial Cole, Benjamin Cole (2), John Cole (2), Joshua Cole, Rilhard Cole, Thomas Cole (2), Waller Cole, David Coleman, James Coleman, Nicholas Coleman, Stephen Coleman, James Colford, Miles Colhoon, Lewis Colinett, Alexander Colley, Basquito Colley, Septor en Collie, Candal Collier, John Collings, Joseph Collingwoood, Doan Collins, James Collins (2), John Collins (3), Joseph Collins, Powell Collins, William Collins, Daniel Collohan, Thomas Collough, Joseph Colloy, Elisha Colman, John Colney, Frederick Colson, James Colting, Julian Columb, Julian Colver, David Colvich, Nathaniel Colwell, Nathaniel Combick, Joseph Combs, Matthew Combs, Joseph Comby, Gilbert Comick, Patrick Condon, Stafford Condon, Philip Cong, Strantly Congdon, Muller Congle, John Connell, John Connelly, George Conner, James Conner, John Conner (2), Robert Conner, Patrick Connelly, Samuel Connelly, John Connor, William Connor, George Conrad, Frederick Contaney, William Convass, John Conway, Thomas Conway, Robert Conwell, Amos Cook, Anthony Cook, Benjamin Cook, Eashak Cook, Esbric Cook, Ezekiel Cook (2), Frederick Cook, George Cook, James Cook (3), John Cook (4), Joseph Cook, Richard Cook, Samuel Ccoke, Stephen Cooke, Abraham Cooper, Ezekiel Cooper, Matthew Cooper (2), Mot Cooper, Nathaniel Cooper (3), Richard Cooper, Warren Cooper, William Cooper, Aaron Cooping, Joseph Copeland, Andrew Cord, Joseph Cornean, Peter Cornelius, John Cornell, Matthew Cornell, James Corner, Benjamin Corning, Robert Cornwell, William Cornwell, Bernard Corrigan, John Corrigan, John Corroll, Battson Corson, Pomeus Corson, Lewis Cortland, Robert Corwell, Joseph de Costa, Antonio Costo, Noel Cotis, Anghel Cotter, David Cotteral, David Cottrill, James Couch, John Couch, Thomas Coudon, John Coughin, Pierre Coulanson, Nathaniel Connan, Francis Connie, Perrie Coupra, Jean de Course, Leonard Courtney, Louis Couset, Joseph Cousins, Frances Cousnant, Jean Couster, John Coutt, Vizenteausean Covazensa, John Coventry, John Coverley, Peter Covet, Zechariah Coward, James Cowbran, James Cowen, John Cowins, Edward Cownovan, Enoch Cox, Jacob Cox, John Cox, Joseph Cox (2), Portsmouth Cox, William Cox, Thurmal Coxen, Asesen Craft, Joseph Craft, Matthias Craft (2), James Craig, Thomas Craig, Henry Crandall, Oliver Crane, Philip Crane, Samuel Crane, William Cranston, Abel Crape (2), Thomas Craton (2), Joshua Cratterbrook, Alias Crawford, Benjamin Crawford, John Crawford (4), Richard Crawford, Samuel Crawford, William Crawford, Basil Crawley, Cornelius Crawley, Isaac Crayton (2), James Crayton, Amos Creasey, Richard Creech, Thomas Creepman, William Cresean, William Cresley, Henry Cressouson, Michael Crider, John Crim, Others Cringea, William Crispin (2), George Cristin, Benjamin Crocker, James Crocker, John Crocker, Joshua Crocker (2), John Croix, Oliver Cromell, Oliver Cromwell (4), Richmond Cromwell, Robert Cromwell, Hugh Crookt, John Croppen, Bunsby Crorker, Peter Crosbury, Daniel Crosby (3), William Crosley, Joseph Cross, Thomas Crough, Christian Crowdy, Matthew Crow, Bissell Crowell, Seth Crowell, William Crowell, George Crown.

American Prisoners of the Revolution, Danske Dandridge, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1911, 1967 The Wallabout Prison Ships: 1776-1783, Eugene L. Armbruster, New York: 1920

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