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List of Names from British War Department


List compiled by 'The Society Of Old Brooklynites' in 1888.*

"This list of names was copied from the papers of the British War Department. There is nothing to indicate what became of any of these prisoners, whether they died, escaped, or were exchanged. The list seems to have been carelessly kept, and is full of obvious mistakes in spelling the names. Yet it shall be given just as it is, except that the names are arranged differently, for easier reference. This list of prisoners is the only one that could be found in the British War Department. What became of the lists of prisoners on the many other prison ships, and prisons, used by the English in America, we do not know."

*Names marked are not from the list, but correspondence sent by descendants or others.


List Of 8000 Men Who Were Prisoners On Board The Old Jersey

Garret Aarons, John Aarons (2), Alexander Abbett, John Abbett, James Abben, John Abbott, Daniel Abbott, Abel Abel, George Abel, Jacob Aberry, Jabez Abett, Philip Abing, Thomas Abington, Christopher Abois, William Aboms, Daniel Abrams, Don Meegl (Miguel) Abusure, Gansio Acito, Abel Adams, Amos Adams, Benjamin Adams, David Adams, Isaac Adams, John Adams (4), Lawrence Adams, Moses Adams, Nathaniel Adams, Pisco Adams, Richard Adams, Stephen Adams, Thomas Adams, Warren Adams, Amos Addams, Thomas Addett, Benjamin Addison, David Addon, John Adlott, Robert Admistad, Noah Administer, Win. Adamson (2), John Adobon, James Adovie, Sebastian de Aedora, Jean Aenbie, Michael Aessinis, Frances Affille, Joseph Antonio Aguirra, Thomas Aguynoble, John Aires, Robert Aitken, Thomas Aiz, Manuel Ajote, Jacob Akins, Joseph Aker (2), Richard Akerson, Charles Albert, Piere Albert, Robert Albion, Joachin Alconan, Joseph de Alcorta, Juan Ignacid Alcorta, Pedro Aldaronda, Humphrey Alden, Fred Aldkin, George Aldridge, Jacob Alehipike, Jean Aleslure, Archibald Alexander, John Alexander (2) , Lehle Alexander , William Alexander, Thomas Alger, Christopher Aliet, Joseph Aliev, George Alignott, Joseph Allah, Gideon Allan, Hugh Allan, Francis Allegree, Baeknel Allen, Bancke Allen, Benjamin Allen, Bucknell Allen, Ebeneser Allen, George Allen, Gideon Allen, Isaac Allen, John Allen (5), Josiah Allen, Murgo Allen, Richard Allen (2), Samuel Allen (7), Squire Allen, Thomas Allen (3), William Allen (4), Jean Allin, Caleb Allis, Bradby Allison, Bradey Allison, James Allison, Francis Alment, Arrohan Almon, Aceth Almond, William Alpin, Jacob Alsfrugh, Jacob Alsough, Jacob Alstright, James Alsworth, Thomas Alvarey, Miguel Alveras, Don Ambrose Alverd, Joseph Alvey, James Alwhite, George Alwood, James Alwood, Charles Amey, Anthony Amingo, Manuel Amizarma, Nathaniel Anabel, Austin Anaga, Jean Ancette, Charles Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Robert Anderson, William Anderson (3), George Andre, Benjamin Andrews, Charles Andrews, Dollar Andrews, Ebeneser Andrews, Francis Andrews, Frederick Andrews, Jerediah Andrews, John Andrews (4), Jonathan Andrews, Pascal Andrews, Philany Andrews, Thomas Andrews, William Andrews, Guillion Andrie, Pashal Andrie, Dominique Angola, Andre D. C. Annapolen, Joseph Anrandes, John Anson, William Anster, David Anthony, Davis Anthony, Samuel Anthony, Pierre Antien, Jacques Antiqua, Jean Anton, Francis Antoni, John Antonio, Daniel Appell, Daniel Apple, Thomas Appleby, Samuel Appleton, Joseph Aquirse, __ Arbay, Abraham Archer, James Archer, John Archer, Stephen Archer, Thomas Arcos, Richard Ariel, Asencid Arismane, Ezekiel Arne, Jean Armised, James Armitage, Elijah Armsby, Christian Armstrong, William Armstrong, Samuel Arnibald, Amos Arnold, Ash Arnold, Samuel Arnold, Charles Arnolds, Samuel Arnolds, Thomas Arnold, Andres Arral, Manuel de Artol, Don Pedro Asevasuo, Hosea Asevalado, James Ash, Henry Ash, John Ashbey, John Ashburn, Peter Ashburn, John Ashby, Warren Ashby, John Ashley, Andrew Askill, Francis Aspuro, John Athan, George Atkins, John Atkins, Silas Atkins, John Atkinson, Robert Atkinson, William Atkinson, James Atlin, Duke Attera, Jean Pierre Atton, John Atwood, Henry Auchinlaup, Joseph Audit, Anthony Aiguillia, Igarz Baboo Augusion, Peter Augusta, Thomas Augustine, Laurie Aujit, George Austin, Job Avery, Benjamin Avmey, Francis Ayres, Don Pedro Azoala, Franklin Babcock, William Babcock, James Babel, Jeremiah Babell, Jean Babier, Ahel Baboard, Vascilla Babtreause, Francis Bachelier, Jonathan Bachelor, Antonio Backalong, Francis Backay, Benjamin Bacon, Esau Bacon, Judah Bacon, Stephen Badante, Laurence Badeno, William Badick, Jonathan Baddock, John Baggar, Barnett Bagges, Adam Bagley, Joseph Bahamony, John Bailey (2), William Bailey, Moses Baird, Joseph Baisolus, William Baison, William Batho, Christopher Baker, Ebenezer Baker, John Baker (2), Joseph Baker, Judah Baker, Lemuel Baker, Nathaniel Baker, Pamberton Baker, Pemberton Baker, Pembleton Baker, Thomas Baker (3), David Baldwin, James Baldwin, John Baldwin, Nathaniel Baldwin, Ralph Baldwin, Thomas Ball, Benjamin Ballard, John Ballast, Joseph Balumatigua, Ralf Bamford, Jacob Bamper, Peter Banaby, James Bandel, Augustine Bandine, Pierre Bandine, John Banister (2), Matthew Bank, James Banker, John Banks, Matthew Banks, Jean Rio Bapbsta, Jean Baptista, Gale Baptist, Jean Baptist, John Barber, Gilbert Barber, John Barden, William Barenoft, Walter Bargeman, Joseph Bargeron, Charles Bargo, Mabas Bark, Benjamin Barker, Edward Barker, Jacom Barker, John Barker, Peter Barker, Thomas Barker, Benjamin Barkly, Joseph Barkump, John Barley, James Barman, Ethiem Barnell, Charles Barnes, Henry Barnes, Wooding Barnes, John Barnett, Henry Barney, Mons Barney, Samuel Barney, William Barnhouse, James Barracks, Pierre Barratt, Abner Barre, Dennis Barrett, Enoch Barrett, Francis Barrett, Samuel Barrett, William Barrett, Robert Barrol, Bernard Barron, Enoch Barrott, Francis Barsidge, William Bartlet, Joseph Bartley, Charles Barthalemerd, Charles Bartholemew, Joseph Bartholomew, __ Bartholomew, Benjamin Bartholoyd, Petrus Bartlemie, Michael Bartol, Thomas Barton, John Basker, William Bason, Donnor Bass, Juvery Bastin, Michael Bastin, Louis Baston, Asa Batcheler, Benjamin Bate, Benjamin Bates, Henry Bates, James Bates, William Batt, John Battersley, John Battesker, Adah Batterman, Adam Batterman, George Batterman (2), Joseph Batterman, __ Baumos, Thomas Bausto, Benjamin Bavedon, George Baxter, Malachi Baxter, Richard Bayan, Joseph Bayde, Thomas Bayess, John Bayley, Joseph Baynes, Jean Baxula, John Bazee, Daniel Beal, Samuel Beal, Joseph Beane, James Beankey, James Bearbank, Jesse Bearbank, Morgan Beard, Moses Beard, Daniel Beatty, Benjamin Beasel, Joseph Beaufort, Perri Beaumont, Andrew Beck, Thomas Beck, William Beckett, Jonathan Beckwith, Francis Bedell, Frederick Bedford, Joseph Bedford, Thomas Bedford, Benjamin Beebe, Elias Beebe, Joshua Beebe, Benjamin Beeford, James Beekman, Walter Beekwith, Lewis Begand, Joseph Begley, Joseph Belcher, John Belding, Pierre Belgard, Aaron Bell, Charles Bell, Robert Bell, Uriah Bell, Alexander Bellard, Joseph Belter, Julian Belugh, Jean Bengier, Joseph Benloyde, John Benn, George Bennett, John Bennett, Joseph Bennett, Peter Bennett, Pierre Bennett, Anthony Benson, Stizer Benson, David Benton, John Benton, Peter Bentler, Nathaniel Bentley (2), Peter Bentley, William Bentley, Joshua M. Berason, Joseph Berean, Julian Berger, Lewis Bernall, Francis Bernardus, Francis Bercoute, Jean Juquacid Berra, Abner Berry, Alexander Berry, Benjamin Berry, Daniel Berry, Dennis Berry, Edward Berry, John Berry, Peter Berry (2), Philip Berry, Simon Berry, William Berry (3), Philip Berrycruise, William Berryman, Jean Bertine, Martin Bertrand, John Bertram, Andrew Besin, Jean Beshire, John Beszick, James Bett, Samuel Bevan, Jean Bevin, Benjamin Beverley, Robert Bibbistone, John Bice, Andrew Bick, John Bickety, Charles Bierd, David Bierd, Joshua Bievey, Benjamin Bigelow, Oliver Bigelow, Thomas Biggs, Jean Bilarie, Charles Bill (2), Garden Bill, John Bill (2), Pierre Bill, John Billard, James Biller, Samuel Billing, Benjamin Billings, Bradford Billings, Ezekiel Billings, Robert Billings, David Billows, Frarey Binnen, Cirretto Biola, Pierre Biran, Alexander Birch, Nathaniel Birch, Joseph Bird, Weldon Bird, Thomas Birket, Samuel Birmingham, Ezekiel Bishop, Israel Bishop, John Bishop (2), John Bissell, Jack Bissick, Osee Bissole, Pierre Bitgayse, Peter Bitton, Daniel Black, James Black (3), John Black, Joseph Black, Robert N. Black, Samuel Black (2), Timothy Black, William Black, John Blackburn, Alexander Blackhunt, William Blackpond, V. C. Blaine, John Blair, Charles Blake, Increase Blake, James Blake, Samuel Blake, Valentine Blake, David Blanch, Robert Blanch, Joseph Blancher, William Blanchet, John Blanney, Gideon Blambo, Jesse Blacque, Joseph Blateley, Lubal Blaynald, Asa Blayner, Edward Blevin, Benjamin Blimbey, William Blimbey, Joseph Blinde, William Bliss, Samuel Blissfield, Juan Blodgett, Seth Blodgett, John Blond, Lewis Blone, Louis Blong, Peter Bloome (2), Samuel Bloomfield, Jomes Blossom, James Blowen, John Bloxand, William Bluard, George Blumbarg, George Blunt (4), William Blythe, Matthew Boar, John Bobier, John Bobgier, Joseph Bobham, Jonathan Bocross, Lewis Bodin, Peter Bodwayne, John Boelourne, Christopher Boen, Purdon Boen, Roper Bogat, James Boggart, Ralph Bogle, Nicholas Boiad, Pierre Boilon, William Boine, Jacques Bollier, William Bolt, William Bolts, Bartholomew Bonavist, Henry Bone, Anthony Bonea, Jeremiah Boneafoy, James Boney, Thomas Bong, Barnabus Bonus, James Bools, William Books, John Booth, Joseph Borda, Charles Borden, John Borman, James Borrall, Joseph Bortuslies, Daniel Borus (2), Joseph Bosey, Pierre Bosiere, Jacques Bosse, Ebenezer Boswell, Gustavus Boswell, Lewis Bothal, Charles Bottis, James Bottom, Waller Bottom, Augustin Boudery, Augustus Boudery, Anthony Bouea, Theophilus Boulding, Pierre Bounet, Lewis Bourge, John Boursbo, Lawrence Bourslie, Jean Boutilla, Lewis Bouton, Edward Boven, Elijah Bowden, Arden Bowen, Elijah Bowen, Ezekiel Bowen, Paldon Bowen, Thomas Bowen (3), William Bowen, Willis Bowen, James Bowers, Thomas Bowers, Fulbur Bowes, James Bowles, Daniel Bowman, Benjamin Bowman, Elijah Bowman (2), John Bowman, Michael Bowner, John Bowrie, P. I. Bowree, Jean Bowseas, John Boyau, Thomas Boyd, John Boyde, David Boyeau, Francis Boyer, Joseph Boyne, Thomas Bradbridge, Samuel Bradbury, William Braden, James Brader, Samuel Bradfield, William Bradford, Abijah Bradley, Alijah Bradley, Daniel Bradley, James Bradley, Abraham Bradley, John Brady, James Bradyon, Ebenezer Bragg (2), William Bragley, Nathaniel Braily, Zacheus Brainard, Joseph Brainer, Zachary Brainer, William Bramber, James Branart, Aholibah Branch, William Brand, Ralf Brandford, Charles Branel, William Bransdale, David Branson, Peter Braswan, Peter Brays (2), Burdon Brayton, Peter Brayton, John Bredford, James Brehard, Elijah Bremward, Pierre Brene, George Brent, Pierre Bretton, John Brewer, Samuel Brewer, Joseph Brewett, James Brewster (2), Seabury Brewster, John Brice, Thomas Bridges, Glond Briges, Cabot Briggs, Alexander Bright, Henry Brim, Peter Brinkley, Ephraim Brion, Louis Brire, Thomas Brisk, Simon Bristo, Jalaher C. Briton, Peter Britton, Thomas Britton, Ephraim Broad (2), Ossia Broadley, Joseph Broaker, Joshua Brocton, Philip Broderick, William Broderick (2), Joseph Broge, William Brooker, Charles Brooks (2), Henry Brooks, Paul Brooks, Samel Brooks (2), Thomas Brooks, Benjamin Brown, Christopher Brown, David Brown (2), Francis Brown, Gustavus Brown (2), Hugh Brown (2), Jacob Brown, James Brown (3), Jonathan Brown, John Brown (12), Joseph Brown (3), Michael Brown, Nathaniel Brown, Patrick Brown, Peter Brown, Samuel Brown (3), William Brown (5), W. Brown, William Boogs Brown, Willis Brown, Essick Brownhill, Wanton Brownhill, Charles Brownwell, Gardner Brownwell, Pierre Brows, James Bruding, Lewis Brun, Daniel Bruton, Edward Bryan, John Bryan, Matthew Bryan, Nathaniel Bryan, William Bryan, Benjamin Bryand, Ephraim Bryand, James Bryant, William Bryant, Nicholas Bryard, Francis Bryean, Richard Bryen, Berr Bryon, Thomas Bryon, Simon Buas, Thomas Buchan, Francis Buchanan, Elias Buck, Elisha Buck, John Buck, Joseph Bucklein, Philip Buckler, Cornelius Buckley, Daniel Buckley (2), Francis Buckley, Jacob Buckley, John Buckley (3), Daniel Bucklin (2), Samuel Buckwith, David Buckworth, Benjamin Bud, Nicholas Budd, Jonathan Buddinoton, Oliver Buddington, Waller Buddington, William Budgid, John Budica, Joshua Buffins, Lawrence Buffoot, John Bugger, Silas Bugg, John Buldings, Jonathan Bulgedo, Benjamin Bullock, Thomas Bullock, Benjamin Bumbley, Lewis Bunce, Norman Bunce, Thomas Bunch, Antonio Bund, Obadiah Bunke, Jonathan Bunker, Timothy Bunker, William Bunker, Richard Bunson (2), Murdock Buntine, Frederick Bunwell, Thomas Burch, Michael Burd, Jeremiah Burden, Joseph Burden, William Burden, Jason Burdis, Daniel Burdit, Bleck Burdock, Robert Burdock [Robert Burdick* of RI], Vincent Burdock, Henry Burgess, Theophilus Burgess, Barnard Burgh, Prosper Burgo, Jean Burham, James Burke, Thomas Burke, William Burke, Michael Burkman, William Burn, Frederick Burnett, James Burney, James Burnham, Daniel Burnhill, Archibald Burns, Edward Burns (2), Henry Burns, John Burns, Thomas Burns, Stephen Burr, Pierre Burra, Francis Burrage, John Burrell, Lewis Burrell, Isaac Burrester, Jonathan Burries, Nathaniel Burris, John Burroughs, Edward Burrow, James Burton, John Burton, Jessee Byanslow, Bartholomew Byi, John Bylight, Abel Cable, Louis Cadat, Louis Pierre Cadate, Michael Cadate, John Caddington, Nathan Caddock, Jean Cado, John Cahoon, Jonathan Cahoone, Thomas Caile, David Cain (2), Thomas Cain, Samuel Caird, Joseph Caivins, Pierre Cajole, Thomas Calbourne, James Calder, Caplin Calfiere, Nathaniel Calhoun, Charles Call, Barnaby Callagham, Daniel Callaghan, William Callehan, James Callingham, Andrew Calman, Francis Calon, Parpi Calve, Nicholas Calwell, Joseph Cambridge, Edward Cameron, Simon Came, Oseas Camp, Alexander Campbell, Frederick Campbell, James Campbell, Jesse Campbell, John Campbell (2), Joseph Campbell, Philip Campbell (2), Robert Campbell, Thomas Campbell (2), James Canady, Joseph Canana, Satarus Candie, Jacob Canes, Richard Caney, Jacob Canmer, William Cannady, William Canner, Charles Cannon, Francis Cannon, John Cannon, Joseph Cannon, Samuel Cannon, Jean Canute, Francis Cape, Timothy Cape, Daniel Capnell, William Caransame, Robert Carbury, Juan Fernin Cardends, Joseph Carea, Isaac Carelton, Joseph Carender, Ezekiel Carew, Daniel Carey, John Carey (4), Joshua Carey, Richard Carey, William Cargall, Joseph Cariviot, Edward Carland, Antonio Carles, William Carles, Jean Carlton, Thomas Carlton, John Carlisle, Justan Carlsrun, Benjamin Carman, Benjamin Camell, William Carmenell, Edward Carmody, Anthony Carney, Hugh Carney, David Carns, Jean Carolin, Pierre Carowan, John Carpenter, Miles Carpenter, Richards Carpentei, Edward Carr, Isaac Carr, John Carr (2), Philip Carr, William Carr, Robert Carrall, __ Carret, Thomas Carrington, Jean Carrllo, James Carroll, John Carroll, Michael Carroll, Perance Carroll, William Carrollton, John Carrow, Peter Carroway, Avil Carson, Batterson Carson, Israel Carson, James Carson, Robert Carson (2), Samuel Carson, William Carson, Levi Carter, Thomas Carter, William Carter (2), John Carvell, Joseph Casan, Joseph Casanova, John Case, Thomas Case, Thomas Casewell, Edward Casey, John Casey, William Casey, Stephen Cash, Jacob Cashier, Jean Cashwell, Gosper Cassian, Samuel Casson, John Casp, Anthony Casper, Michael Cassey, John Castel, Joseph Castile, Thomas Castle (2), John Caswell (3), Baptist Cavalier, Francis Cavalier, George Cavalier, James Cavalier, Thomas Cavalier, Joseph Augustus Cavell, Gasnito Cavensa, Thomas Caveral, Pierre Cawan, John Cawrier, John Cawrse, Edward Cayman, Anthony Cayner, Oliver Cayaran, John Cerbantin, __ Chabbott, Perrie Chalier, Samuel Chalkeley, Hurbin Challigne, John Challoner, William Challoner, Pierre Chalore, Benjamin Chamberlain, Bird Chamberlain, Charles Chamberland, Nancy Chambers, Dore Champion, Lines Champion, Thomas Champion, Clerk Champlin, Isaac Champlin, James Chapin, Joseph Chapley, Joseph Chaplin, Josiah Chaplin, Lodowick Chaplin, Daniel Chapman, James Chapman, Jeremiah Chapman, John Chapman (2), Lion Chapman, Samuel Chapman, Charles Chappel, Frederick Chappell, John Chappell, John Charbein, Ichabod Chard, William Charfill, James Charles, John Charles, Jean Charoner, Aaron Chase, Augustus Chase (2), Earl Chase (2), George Chase (2), Lonie Chase, Samuel Chase, Jean Chatfield, Jovis Chaurine, John Cheavelin, Christopher Chenaur, Louis Chenet, Andrew Cheesebrook, David Cheesebrook, James Cheesebrook, Pierre Cheesebrook, Samuel Cheesebrook, Britton Cheeseman, James Cheevers, Christopher Chenaur, Benjamin Chencey, Louis Chenet, John Cherry, William Cherry, John Chese, Hiram Chester, Benjamin Chevalier, John Chevalier, Jean Gea Chevalier, Julian Chevalier, Edward Cheveland, Lasar Chien, Silas Childs, Cadet Chiller, Thomas Chilling, Abel Chimney, David Chinks, Leshers Chiplev, William Christan, William Christan, Henry Christian, John Christian (2), James Christie, Benjamin Chittington, Bartholomew Chivers, Benjamin Chopman, Matthew Chubb, David Chueehook, Benjamin Church (2, Israel Church, Thomas Church, John Churchill, Pierre Clabe, Edward Clamron, Benjamin Clannan, Edward ClanweIl, Supply Clap (2), Supply Twing Clap, Edward Claring, Charles Clark, Church Clark, James Clark (2), John Clark, Jubal Clark, William Clark (2), Emanuel Clarke, Daniel Clarke, Jacob Clarke, James Clarke, Joshua Clarke, Lewis Clarke, Nicholas Clarke, Noel Clarke, Stephen Clarke, Theodore Clarke, Timothy Clarke, William Clarke (2), Samuel Clarkson, Samuel Claypole, Edward Clayton, William Clayton, David Cleaveland, Michel Clemence, Clement Clements, Alexander Clerk, Gambaton Clerk, Isaac Clerk, Jacob Clerk, Jonathan Clerk, John Clerk (3), Lardner Clerk, Nathaniel Clerk, Peleg Clerk, Thomas Clerk (3), Tully Clerk, William Clerk, Thomas Clever, Jean Clineseau, David Clinton, Philip Clire, John Cloud, John Coarsin, Christian Cobb, Christopher Cobb, Francis Cobb, John Cobb, Jonathan Cobb, Nathaniel Cobb, Richard Cobb, Thomas Cobb, Christopher Cobbs, Raymond Cobbs, Timothy Cobley, Moses Cobnan, Eliphas Coburn, James Cochran, John Cochran (2), Richard Cochran, John Cocker, John Cocklin, Equatius Code, Lewis Codean, Christopher Codman, James Codner, Abel Coffin, Edward Coffin, Elias Coffin, Elisha Coffin (2), Obadiah Coffin (2), Richard Coffin, Simon Coffin (2), Zechariah Coffin, William Cogeshall, John Coggeshall, Robert Coghill, John Coblen, David Coisten, Guilliam Cokill, James Colbert, Abial Cole, Benjamin Cole (2), John Cole (2), Joshua Cole, Rilhard Cole, Thomas Cole (2), Waller Cole, David Coleman, James Coleman, Nicholas Coleman, Stephen Coleman, James Colford, Miles Colhoon, Lewis Colinett, Alexander Colley, Basquito Colley, Septor en Collie, Candal Collier, John Collings, Joseph Collingwoood, Doan Collins, James Collins (2), John Collins (3), Joseph Collins, Powell Collins, William Collins, Daniel Collohan, Thomas Collough, Joseph Colloy, Elisha Colman, John Colney, Frederick Colson, James Colting, Julian Columb, Julian Colver, David Colvich, Nathaniel Colwell, Nathaniel Combick, Joseph Combs, Matthew Combs, Joseph Comby, Gilbert Comick, Patrick Condon, Stafford Condon, Philip Cong, Strantly Congdon, Muller Congle, John Connell, John Connelly, George Conner, James Conner, John Conner (2), Robert Conner, Patrick Connelly, Samuel Connelly, John Connor, William Connor, George Conrad, Frederick Contaney, William Convass, John Conway, Thomas Conway, Robert Conwell, Amos Cook, Anthony Cook, Benjamin Cook, Eashak Cook, Esbric Cook, Ezekiel Cook (2), Frederick Cook, George Cook, James Cook (3), John Cook (4), Joseph Cook, Richard Cook, Samuel Ccoke, Stephen Cooke, Abraham Cooper, Ezekiel Cooper, Matthew Cooper (2), Mot Cooper, Nathaniel Cooper (3), Richard Cooper, Warren Cooper, William Cooper, Aaron Cooping, Joseph Copeland, Andrew Cord, Joseph Cornean, Peter Cornelius, John Cornell, Matthew Cornell, James Corner, Benjamin Corning, Robert Cornwell, William Cornwell, Bernard Corrigan, John Corrigan, John Corroll, Battson Corson, Pomeus Corson, Lewis Cortland, Robert Corwell, Joseph de Costa, Antonio Costo, Noel Cotis, Anghel Cotter, David Cotteral, David Cottrill, James Couch, John Couch, Thomas Coudon, John Coughin, Pierre Coulanson, Nathaniel Connan, Francis Connie, Perrie Coupra, Jean de Course, Leonard Courtney, Louis Couset, Joseph Cousins, Frances Cousnant, Jean Couster, John Coutt, Vizenteausean Covazensa, John Coventry, John Coverley, Peter Covet, Zechariah Coward, James Cowbran, James Cowen, John Cowins, Edward Cownovan, Enoch Cox, Jacob Cox, John Cox, Joseph Cox (2), Portsmouth Cox, William Cox, Thurmal Coxen, Asesen Craft, Joseph Craft, Matthias Craft (2), James Craig, Thomas Craig, Henry Crandall, Oliver Crane, Philip Crane, Samuel Crane, William Cranston, Abel Crape (2), Thomas Craton (2), Joshua Cratterbrook, Alias Crawford, Benjamin Crawford, John Crawford (4), Richard Crawford, Samuel Crawford, William Crawford, Basil Crawley, Cornelius Crawley, Isaac Crayton (2), James Crayton, Amos Creasey, Richard Creech, Thomas Creepman, William Cresean, William Cresley, Henry Cressouson, Michael Crider, John Crim, Others Cringea, William Crispin (2), George Cristin, Benjamin Crocker, James Crocker, John Crocker, Joshua Crocker (2), John Croix, Oliver Cromell, Oliver Cromwell (4), Richmond Cromwell, Robert Cromwell, Hugh Crookt, John Croppen, Bunsby Crorker, Peter Crosbury, Daniel Crosby (3), William Crosley, Joseph Cross, Thomas Crough, Christian Crowdy, Matthew Crow, Bissell Crowell, Seth Crowell, William Crowell, George Crown, Michael Crowyar, William Crozier, Janeise Cubalod, Benjamin Cuffey, Philip Cuish, Thomas Culbarth, Daniel Culbert, William Cullen (2), David Cullett, Willis Culpper, Levi Culver, Samuel Culvin, Josea Comnano, Cornelius Cumstock, Isaac Cuningham, James Cunican, Barnabas Cunningham, Cornelius Cunningham, John Cunningham, Jacob Currel, Anthony Curry, Augustine Curry, Robert Curry, Daniel Curtis, Frederick Curtis, Joseph Curtis, Henry Curtis, Joseph Cushing, Robert Cushing, Eimnan Cushing, Guilliam Dabuican, Jean Dabuican, John Daccarmell, Isaac Dade (2), Jean Dadica, Silas Daggott, John Dagure, Benjamin Dail, James Daily (2), Patrick Daily, Robert Daily, Samuel Daily (2), William Daily, James Dalcahide, Jeremiah Dalley, Reuben Damon, Thomas Danby, Christopher Daniel, John Daniel (3), Samuel Daniss, Benjamin Dannison, William Dannison, William Dannivan, Beniamin Darby, William Darby, W. Darcey, Thomas Darley, Henry Darling (2), Richard Darling, William Darling, Charles Darrough, Robert Dart, Samuel Daun, Basteen Davan, James Daveick, Lot Davenport, Christopher Davids, John Davidson, Samuel Davidson, Pierre Davie, Benjamin Davies (2), Christopher Davies, Edward Davies, Eliga Davies, Elijah Davies, Felton Davies, John Davies (9), Henry Davies, Lewis Davies, Richard Davies (2), Samuel Davies (3), Thomas Davies (3), William Davies (3), Benjamin Davies (2), Charles Davis, Christopher Davis, Curtis Davis, Henry Davis, Isaac Davis, James Davis, John Davis (2), Lewis Davis, Samuel Davis, Thomas Davis, William Davis, Thomas Dawn, Henry Dawne, Samuel Dawson, John Day, Joseph Day, Michael Day, Thomas Day (2), William Day, Joseph Days, William Dayton, Demond Deaboney, Jonathan Deakons, Isaac Deal, John Deal, Elias Deale (2), Daniel Dealing, Benjamin Deamond, Benjamin Dean, Levi Dean, Lewis Dean, Orlando Dean, Philip Dean, Archibald Deane, George Deane, Joseph Deane, Thomas Deane, Michael Debong, James Debland, Peter Deboy, Benorey Deck, Joseph de Costa, Jean de Course, Francis Dedd, __ Defourgue, Jean Degle, Pierre Degoniere, Pierre Guiseppe Degue, William Degue, Louis Degune, Pratus Dehango, Jacob Dehart, Jasper Deinay, Domingo Delace, Zabulon Delano, Gare Delare, Gaspin Delary, Anthony Delas, Amos Delavan, Pierre Delavas, Joseph Delcosta, Francis Delgada, Henry Delone, Anthony Delore, James Demay, David Demeny, Israel Deming, Josiah Demmay, Element Demen, Jean Demolot, Richard Dempsey, Avery Denauf, Daniel Denica, Beebe Denison, Deverick Dennis, James Dennis, John Dennis (3), Jonas Dennis, Joseph Dennis (2), Moses Dennis, Paine Dennis, Lemuel Dennison, John Denoc, David Denroron, John Denronons, Lewis Depue, Manuel Deralia, John Derboise, Daniel Deroro, Daniel Derry, William Derry, Louis Deshea, John Desiter, Jacob Dessino, Jeane Devaratte, Isaac Devay, Gabriel Devay, James Devereux, Robert Devereux, James Deverick, John Devericks, Honor Devey, Joseph Deville, Frances Devise, Daniel Devoe, Thomas Devoy, Aaron Dexter, Benjamin Dexter, Simon Dexter, Elerouant Diabery, Jonah Diah, David Diber, Archibald Dick, Benjamin Dickenson, Benjamin Dickinson, Edward Dickinson, Ichabod Dickinson, John Dickinson, Edward Dickerson, Joseph Diers, Thomas Diggenson, Rone Digon, Joseph Dillons, John Dillow, Benjamin Dimon, Charles Dimon, James Dimon, Robert Dingee, Elisha Dingo, John Dingo, Pierre Disaablan, Mitchael Dissell, John Diver, Victoire Divie, Christian Dixon, Christopher Dixon, Daniel Dixon, James Dixon (2), John Dixon, Nicholas Dixon, Robert Dixon (2), William Dixon, Etamin Dluice, John Doan, Joseph Dobbs, John Dobiee, Henry Docherty, Hugh Docherty, William Dodd (2), James Dodge, George Doget, Matthew Doggett, Samuel Doggett (2, Timothy Doggle, John Doherty (2), 'I'homas Doherty, Josiah Dohn, Samuel Dohn, Robert Doin, Frances Doisu, John Dolbear, Elisha Dolbuy, John Dole, Elisha Doleby, Nathaniel Dolloway, Pierre Dominica, Jean Domrean, Barton Donald, Anthony Donalds, Daniel Donaldson, Mc Donalin, Solomon Donan, John Dongan, Peter C Dongue, Anthony Dongues, Benjamin Donham, Devereux Donies, George Donkin, Francis Dora, John McDora Dora, Nathaniel Dorcey, Patrick Dorgan (3), Timothy Dorgan, Joseph Dority, Paul Paulding Dorson, Joseph Doscemer, Jay Doudney, Francis Douglas, Robert Douglass, William Douglass, Iseno Douting, Thomas Douval, James Dowdey, William Dowden, Hezekiah Dowen (2), John Dower, Henry Dowling, Francis Downenroux, Henry Dowling, John Downey, John Downing, Peter Downing, John Dowray, James Doxbury, Peter Doyle, Murray Drabb, Thomas Drake, Jean Draullard, James Drawberry, Samuel Drawere, James Drayton, William Dredge, Abadiah Drew, John Drew (2), Thomas Drewry, John Driver, Simeon Drown, William Drown, Jean Dubison, James Dublands, Thomas Dubois, Henry Dubtoe, Michael Duchaee, Archibald Ducker, Jean Duckie, Martin Ducloy, Abner Dudley, Doulram Duffey, Ezekiel Duffey, Thomas Duffield, Michael Duffin, Thomas Duffy, Jacques Duforte, Franes Dugree, Chemuel Duke, John Duke, William Duke, Isaac Dukerson, Michael Duless, Terrence Dumraven, James Dunbar, George Duncan, John Duncan, James Duncan, William Duncan, Thomas Dung, John Dunhire, John Dunison, James Dunkin, Pierre Dunkwater, Thomas Dunlope, John Dunlope, Thomas Dunlope, Archibald Dunlopp, Allan Dunlot, John Dunmerhay, Arthur Dunn, Joseph Dunn, Peter Dunn, Sylvester Dunnam, John Dunning, Peter Dunning, Thomas Dunnon, Edene Dunreas, Allen Dunslope, William Dunton, Stephen Dunwell, Ehenne Dupee, Thomas Duphane, Francis Duplessis, France Dupue, Charles Duran, Henry Duran, Lewis Duran, Glase Durand, Jacques Durant, Sylvester Durham, Israel Durphey, Jonathan J. Durvana, Robert Duscasson, Anthony Duskin, Andrew Duss, William Dussell, Raoul Dutchell, James Duverick, Timothy Dwier, William Dwine, John Dwyer, Timothy Dwyer (2), William Dwyman, Alexander Dyer, Fitch Dyer, Hat Dyer, Hubert Dyer, Jonathan Dyer, Nathan Dyer, Patrick Dyer, Robert Dyer, Roger Dyer, Samuel Dyer, David Each, Simon Eachforsh, David Eadoe, Benjamin Earle, Isaac Earle, Lewis Earle, Pardon Earle (2), Michael Eason, Amos Easterbrook, Charles Easterbrook, John Eaves, Joseph Ebben, John Ebbinstone, Avico Ecbeveste, Joseph Echangueid, Francis Echauegud, Amorois Echave, Lorendo Echerauid, Francis Echesevria, Ignatius Echesevria, Manuel de Echeverale, Fermin Echeuarria, Joseph Nicola Echoa, Thoman Ecley, __ Edbron, Thomas Eddison, William Ede, Butler Edelin, Jessie Edgar, John Edgar, Thomas Edgar, William Edgar (2), James Edgarton, Philip Edgarton, Doum Edmondo, Henry Edmund, John Edmund, Alexander Edwards, Charles Edwards, Daniel Edwards, Edward Edwards, Henry Edwards, James Edwards, John Edwards, Michael Edwards, Rollo Edwards, Thomas Edwards, William Edwards (2), James Eggleston, Samuel Eggleston, James Egrant, James Ekkleston, Jonathan Elbridge, Nathan Elder, Luther Elderkin, Daniel Elderton, Aldub Eldred, Daniel Eldridge (2), Ezra Eldridge, James Eldridge, Thomas Eldridge, William Eldridge, William Eleves, Richard Elgin, John Eli, Benjamin Elias, Benjamin Elith, James Elkins, Nicholas Ellery, Cornelius Elliott, Daniel Elliott, John Elliott, Joseph Elliott, Nathaniel Elliott, Jonathan Ellis, John Ellison (2), Theodore Ellsworth, Stephen Elns, Nathaniel Elridge, Isaac Elwell, John Elwell, Samuel Elwell (3), James Emanuel (2), George Emery, Jean Emilgon, John Engrum, John Eoon, Samuel Epworth, John Erexson, Ignaus Ergua, Martin Eronte, James Esk, Walford Eskridge, Antony Esward, Anthony Eticore, Joseph Eton, Francis Eugalind, Joseph Eugalind, Nicholas Euston, Alias Evans, Pierre Evans, Francis Eveane, Lewis Eveane, Lewis Even, Peni Evena, Pierre Evena, Even Evens, William Evens, Jeremiah Everett, Ebenezer Everall, Robert Everley, George Everson, John Everson, Benjamin Eves, David Evins, John Evins, Peter Ewen, Thomas Ewell, William Ewell, Peter Ewen, Thomas Ewen, James Ewing, Thomas Ewing, Juan Vicente Expassa, Christian Eyes, Jean Paul Fabalue, John Faber, Ashan Fairfield, Benjamin Fairfield, John Fairfield (2), William Faithful, Henry Falam, Ephraim Falkender, George Falker, Robert Fall, Thomas Fallen, Henry Falls, Francis Fanch, Jean Fanum, John Farland, William Farmer, John Faroe, Michael Farrean, William Farrow, Thomas Fary, Henry Fatem, Jacob Faulke, Robert Fauntroy, Joseph Feebe, Martin Feller, James Fellows, Nathaniel Fellows, John Felpig, Peter Felpig, Benjamin Felt, David Felter, Thomas Fennall, Cable Fennell, John Fenton, Cable Fenwell, Joseph Ferarld, Domigo Ferbon, David Fere, Matthew Fergoe, Pierre Fermang, Noah Fernal, Francis Fernanda, Thomas Fernandis, Matthew Fernay, Ephraim Fernon, Fountain Fernray, Ehemre Ferote, Joseph Ferre, Lewis Ferret, Joseph Ferria, Kennedy Ferril, Conway Ferris, Paul Ferris, William Fester, Elisha Fettian, Manuel Fevmandez, Frederick Fiarde, John Ficket, Charles Field, John Fielding, W. Fielding, William Fielding, John Fife, Edwin Fifer, Nathaniel Figg, Benjamin Files, Jean Francis Fillear, Patrick Filler, Ward Filton, John Fimsey, Bartholomew Finagan, David Finch, John Fincher, George Finer, Dennis Finesy, Francis Finley, James Finley, Dennis Finn, John Finn, Jeremiah Finner, Jonathan Finney (3), Seth Finney, Thomas Finney, Robert Firmie, Joseph Firth, Asel Fish, Daniel Fish, Ezekiel Fish, John Fish, Nathaniel Fish (2), John Fisham, Abraham Fisher, Archibald Fisher, Isaac Fisher, Jonathan Fisher, Nathan Fisher, Robert Fisher (3), Simon Fisher, William Fisher (2), William Fisk, John Fist, Solomon Fist, Ebenezer Fitch, Jedeiah Fitch, Josiah Fitch, Peter Fitch, Theopilus Fitch, Timothy Fitch, Henry Fitchett, William Fithin, Cristopher Fitts, Patrick Farob Fitz, Edward Fitzgerald, Patrick Fitzgerald, Thomas Fleet, John Fletcher, John Fling, William Fling, John Flinn, Berry Floyd, Michael Fluort, Thomas Fogg, Francis Pollard, Jonathan Follett, Stephen Follows, John Folsom, John Folston, Joseph Fomster, Louis Fongue, Daniel Foot, Samuel Foot, Zakiel Foot, John Footman, Peter Forbes, Bartholomew Ford (3), Daniel Ford, George Ford (2), John Ford, Philip Ford, William Ford, Benjamin Fordham, Daniel Fore, Hugh Foresyth, Vancom Forque, Matthew Forgough, George Forket, Samuel Forquer, Nathaniel Forrest, Francis Forster, Timothy Forsythe, John Fort, Anthony Fortash, Emanuel Fortaud, John Fortune, Thomas Fosdick, Andrew Foster, Asa Foster, Boston Foster, Conrad Foster, Edward Foster, Ephraim Foster, Henry Foster (2), George Foster, Jacob Foster, Jebediah Foster, Josiah Foster (2), John Foster (6), Nathaniel Foster, Nicholas Foster, William Foster, Ephraim Fostman, John Fouber, Francis Foubert, William Foulyer, Edward Fousler, Pruden Fouvnary, Gideon Fowler, James Fowler (2), John Fowler (2), Joseph Fowler, Michael Fowler, John Butler Foy, William Foy, Jared Foyer, Ebenezer Fox, William Fox (3), Jacob Frailey (2), Fortain Frances, John Frances, Joseph Frances, Scobud Frances, John Francis, Thomas Francis (2), William Francis, Manuel Francisco, Jean Franco, Jean Francois, Anthony Frankie, Pernell Franklin, Christopher Franks, Michael Franks, John Frasier, Thomas Frasier, Nathaniel Frask, John F. Fravers, John Fravi, William Frey, Andrew Frazer, Thomas Frazier, Pierre Freasi, Iman Frebel, William Freebal, Charles Freeman, David Freeman, Henry Freeman, Humphrey Freeman, John Freeman, Thomas Freeman (2), Zebediah Freeman, James French, Jonathan French, Michael French, Josias Frett, John Fretto, Juban Freway, Anthony Frick, Post Friend, Shadrach Friend, James Frieris, Ebenezer Frisby, Isaac Frisby, Josiah Frith, John Frost, Joseph Frost (2), Peter Frume, James Fry (2), Robert Fry, Abijah Fryske, Joseph Fubre, Joseph Fuganey, Joshua Fulger, Reuben Pulger, Stephen Fulger, Benjamin Fuller, James Fuller, Joseph Fuller, Thaddeus Fuller, Thomas Fuller (2), George Fullum, James Fulton, Thomas Fulton, Abner Furguson, Samuel Furguson, John Furse, John Fury, Iman Futter, Eudrid Gabria, Francis Gabriel, Franes Gabriel, Hernan Gage, Isaac Gage, Matthew Gage, Stephen Gage, Jonas Gale, Joseph Galina, Andrew Gallager, John Gallard, John Gallaspie, Richard Galley, William Gallway, Anthony Gallys, James Gamband, James Gamble, Joseph Gamble, Peter Gambo, Pierre Ganart, William Gandee, William Gandel, Francis Gandway, John Gandy, Hosea Garards, Antony Gardil, Silas Gardiner, William Gardiner, Alexander Gardner (3), Dominic Gardner, James Gardner (3), Joseph Gardner (5), Larry Gardner, Robert Gardner, Samuel Gardner, Silas Gardner, Thomas Gardner, Uriah Gardner, William Gardner, Dominico Gardon, John Garey, Manolet Garico, James Garish, Paul Garish, John Garland (2), Barney Garlena, Joseph Garley, __ Garner, Silas Garner, John Garnet, Sylvester Garnett, Isaac Garret, Michael Garret, John Garretson, Antonio Garrett, Jacques Garrett, Richard Garrett, William Garrett, Louis C. Garner, Jacob Garrison (2, Joseph Garrison (3), Joseph Garrit, Thomas Garriway, Jean Garrow, Roman Garsea, William Garty, Job Gascin, Daniel Gasett, Jacob Gasker, Simon Gason (2), Manot Gasse, John Gassers, Francis Gater, Charles Gates, Peter Gaypey, John Gault, Paul Gaur, Thomas Gaurmon, Thomas Gawner, Solomon Gay, William Gay, Charles Gayford, John Gavlor, Robert Geddes, George George (2), George Georgean, Hooper Gerard, Riviere de Ggoslin, George Gill, John Gibbens, Edward Gibbertson, John Gibbons, Charles Gibbs (3), John Gibbs (2), Andrew Gibson, Benjamin Gibson, George Gibson, James Gibson, William Gibson, Stephen Giddron, Archibald Gifford, George Gilbert, Timothy Gilbert, George Gilchrist, Robert Gilchrist, John Giles, Samuel Giles (2), Thomas Giles, William Giles, John Gill, Philip Gill, William Gill, John Gilladen, Jean B. Gillen, Richard Gilleny, William Gillespie, John Gillis, John Gillison, David Gillispie, David Gillot, Toby Gilmay, John Gilmont, Nathaniel Gilson, Thomas Gimray, Peter Ginnis, Jean Ginnow, Baptist Giraud, Joseph Girca, William Gisburn, Francis Gissia, Jean Glaied, Charles Glates, Jean Glease, Jean Gleasie, Gabriel Glenn, Thomas Glerner, William Glesson, James Gloacque, William Glorman, Edward Gloss, Michael Glosses, Daniel Gloud, Jonathan Glover, William Glover, Thomas Goat, Ebenezer Goddard, Nicholas Goddard, Thomas Goddard, Joseph Godfrey, Nathaniel Godfrey, Samuel Godfrey, Simon Godfrey, Thomas Godfrey, William Godfrey (4), Francis Godfry, Pierre Godt, Vincent Goertin, Patrick Goff, John Going, Ebenezer Gold, John Golston, William Golston, Robert Gomer, Pierre Goodall, George Goodby, Simon Goodfrey, Eli Goodfry, Lemuel Gooding, George Goodley, Francis Goodman, Eli Goodnow, Elizer Goodrich, Jesse Goodrich, Solomon Goodrich, James Goodwick, Charles Goodwin, Daniel Goodwin, George Goodwin, Gideon Goodwin, Ozeas Goodwin, Abel Goose, James Gootman, Abel Goove, __ Goquie, Jonathan Goram (2), John Gord, Andrew Gordan, Andrew Gordon, James Gordon (2), Peter Gordon, Stephen Gordon, Jesse Gore, Jonathan Goreham, James Gorham, Jonathan Gorham, Shubert Gorham, Joseph Gormia, Christian Goson, William Goss, Jean Gotea, George Gothe, Charles Gotson, Francis Goudin, Lewis Gouire, Augustus Goute, Francis Goutiere, Joseph Goveir, Sylverter Govell, George Gowell (2), Henry Gowyall, Jean Goyear, Matthew Grace, William Grafton, Alexander Graham, Robert Graham, Samuel Graham, David Graines, Robert Grame, L. A. Granada, William Granby, Adam Grandell, Alexander Grant, Thomas Grant, William Grant, Thomas Grassing, William Gratton, Ebenezer Graub, Dingley Gray, Franes Gray, Joseph Gray (2), James Gray, Samuel Gray, Simeon Gray, Simon Gray, William Gray, Isaac Greeman, Allen Green, Elijah Green (2), Elisha Green, Henry Green, John Green (9), Joseph Green (2), Robert Green, Rufus Green, William Green (3), Green Greenbury, Enoch Greencafe, James Greene (3), John Greene (4), Samuel Greene, John Greenes, Richard Greenfield, Abner Greenleaf, John Greenoth, William Greenville, Barton Greenville, Malum Greenwell, Robert Greenwold, Jacob Greenwood, David Gregory, Stephen Gregory (2), Ebenezer Grenach, William Grennis, Ebenezer Grenyard, Samuel Grey, Charles Grier, Isaac Grier, Mather Grier, William Grierson, Moses Griffen, Alexander Griffin, Daniel Griffin, Elias Griffin, James Griffin (2), Jasper Griffin, Joseph Griffin, Moses Griffin (2), Peter Griffin, Rosetta Griffin, James Griffith, William Griffith, James Grig, John Griggs, Thomas Grilley, Peter Grinn, Philip Griskin, Edward Grissell, Elijah Griswold, Jotun Griswold, John Grogan, Joseph Grogan, Josiah Grose, Peter Grosper, Benjamin Gross, Michael Gross, Simon P. Gross, Tonos Gross, Peleg Grotfield, John Grothon, Andrew Grottis, Joseph Grouan, Michael Grout, Stephen Grove, Thomas Grover (2), John Gruba, Samuel Grudge, Peter Gruin, George Grymes, John Guae, Cyrus Guan, Elisha Guarde, John Guason, John Guay, Bense Guenar, Nathaniel Gugg, Pierre Guilber, John Guilley, Peter Guin, William Guinep, Joseph Guiness, Joseph Guinet, William Gulirant, Joseph Gullion, Souran Gult, Jean Gumeuse, Antonio Gundas, Julian Gunder, William Gunnup, Jean Gunteer, Pierre Gurad, Anthony Gurdell, Franes Gusboro, George Guster, Jean Joseph Guthand, Francis Guvare, William Gwinnup, Samuel Hacker, John Hackett, Benjamin Haddock, Caraway Hagan, Anthony de la Hage, James Haggarty, John Haglus, Ebenezer Hail, David Halbort, William Haldron, Matthew Hales, Aaron Hall, Ebenezer Hall, Isaac Hall, James Hall, John Hall (3), Joseph Hall, London Hall, Lyman Hall, Millen Hall, Moses Hall, Nathan Hall, Samuel Hall, Spence Hall, Thomas Hall (3), William Hall, Willis Hall, Thomas Hallahan, James Hallaughan, Benjamin Hallett (2), James Hallett (2), Ephraim Halley, John Halley, Joseph Halley (2), Samuel Halley, Richard Halley, Charles Hallwell, Henry Halman, William Halsey, Moses Halton, Jesse Halts, Byron Halway, Benjamin Halwell, James Ham, Levi Ham, Reuben Hambell, William Hamber, Empsen Hamilton, Henry Hamilton (2), John Hamilton (2), William Hamilton (2), Flint Hammer, Charles Hammond, Elijah Hammond, Homer Hammond, James Hammond, Joseph Hammond, Thomas Hamsby, James Hanagan, Stephen Hanagan, Henry Hance, Abraham Hancock, Samuel Hancock, Elias Hand, Elijah Hand, Gideon Hand, Joseph Hand (2), Thomas Hand, William Hand, Levi Handy, Thomas Handy (3), John Hanegan, Josiah Hanes, Patrick Hanes, Samuel Hanes, John Haney, Gideon Hanfield, Peter Hankley, Every Hanks, John Hannings, Hugh Hanson, James Hanwagon, Jonathan Hanwood, John Hanwright, Neil Harbert, John Harbine, Daniel Harbley, Augustus Harborough, Peter Harcourt, Jean Hard, Lewis Harden, Richard Harden, William Harden, Turner Hardin, Frances Harding, Nathaniel Harding (2), George Hardy, James Hardy, Joseph Hardy (2), Thomas Harens, John Harfun, Joel Hargeshonor, Jacob Hargous, Abraham Hargus, Thomas Harkasy, John Harket, Solomon Harkey, Thomas Harkins, Charles Harlin, Selden Harley, Solomon Harley, Byron Harlow, John Harman, Richard Harman, John Harmon, Joseph Harner, William Harragall, John Harragall, Lewis Harrett, Bartholomew Harrington, Daniel Harrington, Charles Harris, Edward Harris, Francis Harris, George Harris, Hugh Harris, James Harris (2), John Harris (2), Joseph Harris, Nathaniel Harris (2), Robert Harris, William Harris, Charles Harrison, Elijah Harrison, Gilbert Harrison, John Harrison, William Harron, Charles Harroon, Cornelius Hart, Jacob de Hart, John Hart, Samuel Hartley, Jacob Hartman, James Hartshorne, Thomas Hartus, John Harwood, John Harvey, Peter Haselton, Michael Hashley, Philip Hashton, John Hasker, Jacob Hassa, John Hassett, John Hassey, Benjamin Hatam, Charles Hatbor, Edward Hatch, Jason Hatch, Nailor Hatch, Prince Hatch, Reuben Hatch, William Hatch, Edward Hatchway, Burton Hathaway, Jacob Hathaway, Russell Hathaway, Woolsey Hathaway, Andrew Hatt, Shadrach Hatway, Michael Haupe, Jacob Hauser, William Hawke, Jacob Hawker, John Hawker, John Hawkin, Christopher Hawkins, Jabez Hawkins, John Hawkins (2), Thomas Hawkins, Jacob Hawstick, John Hawston, George Haybud, Benjamin Hayden, Nicholas Hayman, David Hayne, Joseph Haynes, Peter Haynes (2), Thomas Haynes, William Haynes, David Hays, Patrick Hays, Thomas Hays, William Hays, William Haysford, Benjamin Hazard, John Hazard, Samuel Heageork, Gilbert Heart, Samuel Heart, Joseph Hearth, Charles Heath, Joseph Heath, Seren Heath, Seson Heath, Jack Hebell, Heraclus Hedges, George Heft, Edmund Helbow, Matthias Hellmar, Lacy Helman, Thomas Helman, Odera Hemana, Daniel Hemdy, Jared Hemingway, Alexander Henderson, Ephraim Henderson, Joseph Henderson, Michael Henderson, Robert Henderson, William Henderson, Archibald Hendray, Robert Hengry, Leeman Henley, Butler Henry, James Henry, John Henry (3), Joseph Henry, Michael Henry (2), William Henry (2), John Hensby, Patrick Hensey (2), Enos Henumway, Dennis Henyard, Samson Herart, Thomas Herbert, Philip Herewux, Ephraim Herrick, John Herrick (2), William Herrick, Michael Herring, William Herring, Robert Herrow, Robert Herson, Robert Hertson, Augustin Hertros, Stephen Heskils, John Hetherington, John Hewengs, Lewis Hewit, William Heysham, Diah Hibbett, John Hibell, Michael Hick, Daniel Hickey, Baptist Hicks, Benjamin Hicks, John Hicks, Isaac Higgano, George Higgins, Ichabod Higgins, Samuel Higgins, Stoutly Higgins, William Higgins (3), Henry Highlander, John Highlenede, John Hill (2), James Hill, Joshua Hill (2), Thomas Hill (2), Edward Hilley, James Hilliard, Joseph Hilliard, Nicholas Hillory, Hale Hilton, Nathaniel Hilton, Benjamin Himsley, Peter Hinch, James Hines, William Hinley, Aaron Hinman, William Hinman, Nathaniel Hinnran, Jonathan Hint, John Hirich, Christian Hiris, Samuel Hiron, John Hisburn, Nathaniel Hise, Samuel Hiskman, John Hislop, Philip Hiss, Loren Hitch, Robert Hitch, Joseph Hitchband, Edward Hitchcock, Robert Hitcher, John Hitching, Arthur Hives, Willis Hoag, Edwin Hoane, Henry Hobbs, William Hobbs, Jacob Hobby, Nathaniel Hobby, Joseph Hockless, Hugh Hodge, Hercules Hodges (2), Benjamin Hodgkinson, Samuel Hodgson, Conrad Hoffman, Cornelius Hoffman, Roger Hogan, Stephen Hogan, Stephen Hoggan, Alexander Hogsart, Jacob Hogworthy, Ephraim Hoist, Humphrey Hoites, Lemuel Hokey, William Hold, William Holden, Thomas Holdridge, John Holland, Michael Holland, William Holland (2), Nicholas Hollen, William Holliday, Michael Holloway, Myburn Holloway, Grandless Holly, Henry Holman, Isaac Holmes, James Holmes, Joseph Holmes, Nathaniel Holmes, Thomas Holmes (3), George Holmstead, Charles Hole, Samuel Holt, James Home, Jacob Homer, William Homer, William Honeyman, Simon Hong, Warren Honlap, Daniel Hood (2), Nicholas Hoogland (2), George Hook, John Hook (2), George Hooker, Ezekiel Hooper, John Hooper (3), Michael Hooper (3), Sweet Hooper, Caleb Hopkins, Christopher Hopkins, John Hopkins, Michael Hopkins, Stephen Hopkins, William Hopkins, Edward Hopper, John Hopper, Richard Hopping, Levi Hoppins, Joseph Horn (2), Jacob Horne, John Horne, Ralph Horne, Samuel Horne, Augusta Horns, Michael Horoe, Charles Horsine, Ephraim Hort, Jean Hosea, John Hosey, Jean Hoskins, James Hottahon, Ebenezer Hough, Enos House, Seren House, Noah Hovard, Joseph Hovey, John Howe, Absalom Howard, Ebenezer Howard, John Howard, Richard Howard, Thomas Howard, William Howard (3), James Howburn, Edward Howe, John Howe, Thomas Howe, Ebenezer Howell, Jesse Howell, Jonathan Howell, John Howell, Luke Howell, Michael Howell, Thomas Howell, Waller Howell, William Howell, Daniel Howland, Joseph Howman, Benjamin Hoyde, Dolphin Hubbard, Jacob Hubbard, James Hubbard, Joel Hubbard, Moses Hubbard, William Hubbard, Abel Hubbell, William Huddle, John Hudman, Fawrons Hudson, John Hudson, Phineas Hudson, John Huet, Conrad Huffman, Stephen Huggand, John Huggins, Abraham Hughes, Felix Hughes, Greenberry Hughes, Greenord Hughes, Jesse Hughes, John Hughes, Peter Hughes, Thomas Hughes, Pierre Hujuon, Richard Humphrey, Clement Humphries, W. W. Humphries, Ephraim Hunn, Cephas Hunt, John Hunt (2), Robert Hunt, Alexander Hunter, Ezekiel Hunter, George Hunter, Robert Hunter, Turtle Hunter, Rechariah Hunter, Elisha Huntington, Joseph Harand, Benjamin Hurd, Joseph Hurd, Simon Hurd, Asa Hurlbut, George Husband, John Husband, Negro Huson, Charles Huss, Isaac Huss, Jesse Hussey, James Huston, Zechariah Hutchins, Esau Hutchinson, John Hutchison, Abraham Smith Hyde, Vincent Hyer, Joseph Ignacis, Ivede Sousis Illiumbe, Benjamin Indecot, Isaac Indegon, John Ingersall, Henry Ingersoll (2), John Ingraham, Joseph Ingraham, Joshua Ingraham, Philip Ignissita, Joseph Irasetto, David Ireland, James Ireland, Joseph Ireland, Michael Irvin, George Irwin, Michael Irwin, Isaac Isaacs, George Ismay, Gospar Israel, James Ivans, John Ivington, Francis D. Izoguirre, Michael Jacen, Black Jack, John Jack (2), John Jacks (2), Frederick Jacks (2), George Jacks (2), Henry Jacks, John Jacks, John Jackson, James Jackson, Josiah Jackson, Nathaniel Jackson, Peter Jackson, Robert Jackson, Jean Jacobs, Bella Jacobs, Joseph Jacobs, Wilson Jacobs, Andrew Jacobus, Guitman Jacques, Guitner Jacques, Lewis Jacques, Peter Jadan, John Jaikes, Benjamin James, John James (2), Ryan James, William James, Daniel Jamison, Josiah Janes, Jean Jardin, Francis Jarnan, Edward Jarvis, Petuna Jarvis, Negro Jask, John Jassey, Francis Jatiel, Clement Jean, Joseph Jean, William Jean, Benjamin Jeanesary, Roswell Jeffers, Samuel Jeffers, James Jeffrey, John Jeffries, Joseph Jeffries, Philip Jeffries, George Jemrey, Pierre Jengoux, David Jenkin, Enoch Jenkins, George Jenkins, Solomon Jenkins, George Jenney, John Jenney, Langdon Jenney, Laughorn Jenney, Nathaniel Jennings, Thomas Jennings, William Jennings, John Jenny, Langhorn Jenny, Frances Jerun, Abel Jesbank, Oliver Jethsam, Germain Jeune, Silas Jiles, Nathan Jinks, Moses Jinney, Verd Joamra, Manuel Joaquire, Robert Job, __ Joe, Thomas Joel, Elias Johnson (2), Francis Johnson, George Johnson, James Johnson (3), John Johnson (3), Joseph Johnson, Major Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Stephen Johnson, William Johnson (8), Ebenezer Johnston, Edward Johnston, George Johnston, John Johnston (2), Joseph Johnston, Major Johnston, Michael Johnston, Miller Johnston, Paul Johnston, Peter Johnston, Robert Johnston (3), Samuel Johnston, Simon Johnston, Stephen Johnston, William Johnston (8), William B. Johnston, James Johnstone, John Joie, Thomas Joil, Adam Jolt, __ Joan, Benjamin Jonas, Abraham Jones, Alexander Jones, Benjamin Jones (3), Beal Jones, Clayton Jones, Darl Jones, Edward Jones (2), James Jones, Jib Jones, John Jones (7), Thomas Jones (2), Richard Jones (2), Samuel Jones (3), William Jones (10), Jean Jordan, John Jordan, Philip Jordan, Nicholas Jordon (2), Anthony Joseph, Antonio Joseph, Emanuel Joseph, Thomas Joseph, William Joslitt, Antonio Jouest, Thomas Joulet, Jean Jourdana, Mousa Jousegh, Jean Jowe, Thomas Jowe, Curtis Joy, Josiah Joy, Peter Joy (2), Samuel Joy, Samuel Joyce, Conrad Joycelin, Randon Jucba, Manuel Joseph Jucerria, Peter Julian, Henry Junas, Henry Junus (2), Jacques Jurdant, George Juster, Samuel Justice, Simeon Justive, George Justus, Philip Justus, Mark Kadoody, John Kain, Lewis Kale, Barney Kane, Edward Kane, John Kane, Patrick Kane, Thomas Kane, Sprague Kean, Thomas Kean, Nathaniel Keard, William Keary, Tuson Keath, Daniel Keaton, Samuel Kelbey, Samuel Kelby, John Keller, Abner Kelley, John Kelley (5), Michael Kelley (2), Oliver Kelley, Patrick Kelley, Samuel Kelley, William Kelley, Roy Kellrey, Abner Kelly (2), Hugh Kelly, James Kelly, John Kelly, Roger Kelly, Seth Kelly, Timothy Kelly, Nehemiah Kelivan, Olgas Kilter, William Kemplin, Simon Kenim, Charles Kenneday, James Kenneday, Jonathan Kenneday, Nathaniel Kenneday, Robert Kenneday (2), Thomas Kenneday, William Kenneday (2), David Kennedy, James Kennedy, John Kenney (2), William Kensey, Elisha Kenyon, Joson Ker, John Kerril, William Kersey (2, Edward Ketcham, Samuel Ketcham, William Keyborn, Anthony Keys, John Keys, Michael Keys, Jean Kiblano, James Kickson, George Kidd, John Kidd, James Kidney, Manuel Kidtona, Thomas Kilbourne, John Kilby, Lewis Kildare, John Kilfundy, Samuel Killen, William Killenhouse, Samuel Killer, Charles Killis, Gustavus Killman, Daniel Kilray, John Kilts, Nathaniel Kimberell, Charles King, Gilbert King, Jonathan King, John King (4), Joseph King (4), Michael King, Richard King, William King, Nathaniel Kingsbury, William Kingsley, Samuel Kinney, Josiah Kinsland, Benjamin Kinsman, Charles Kirby, John Kirk, William Kirk, Jacob Kisler, Edward Kitchen, John Kitler, Ebenezer Knapp, James Knapp, Benjamin Knight (2), Job Knight, Reuben Knight, Thomas Knight (2), James Knowles (2), Nathaniel Knowles, James Knowls, Edward Knowlton, William Knowlton, Jeremiah Knox (2), John Knox, Ezekiel Kuthoopen, Louis Kyer, Basil Laban, Pierre Labon, Francois Labone, Deman Labordas, Fortne Laborde, Frederick Laborde, Anton Laca, Michael La Casawyne, John Lack, Christopher Lacon, Oliver Lacope, Guilliam La Coque, Anthony Lafart, Dennis Lafferty, Pierre La Fille, Anthony Lagarvet, Jeff Laggolf, Samuel Laighton, Thomas Laigue, Peter Lain, Christopher Laird (3), John Laird (2), Simon Lake, Thomas Lake, Nathan Lakeman, Thomas Laley, Samson Lalley, John Lalour, David Lamb, William Lamb, Pierre Lambert, Richard Lambert (2), Cayelland Lambra, Thomas Lambuda, Evena Lame, Thomas Lame, Jean Lameari, Michael Lameova, Alexander Lamere (2), Roque Lamie, Henry Land, Stephen Landart, George Landon, Peter Landon, William Lane, John Langdon, Jonathan Langer, Darius Langford, William Langford, John Langler, Obadiah Langley, Thomas Langley (2), James Langlord, Joseph Langola, Andrew Langolle, Thomas Langstaff, Franes Langum, Francois Lan Hubere, Samuel Lanman, Nicholas Lanmand, William Lanvath, David Lapham, Bundirk Laplaine, Joseph La Plan, James Lapthorn, Pierre Laquise, Francis Larada, Matthew La Raison, Charles Larbys, Thomas Larkin, James Larkins, Gillian Laroache, Bundirk Larplairne, Pierre Larquan, Benjamin Larrick, Lewis Larsolan, Gulliemet Lascope, Julian Lascope, Joseph Laselieve, John Lasherty, William Lasken, Jachery Lasoca, David Lassan, Michael Lassly, Pierre Lastio, David Latham, Edward Latham, James Latham, Thomas Latham, Elisha Lathrop, John Lathrop, Hezekiah Lathrop, Solomon Lathrop, James Latover, Lorenzo Lattain, Peter Lattimer, Thomas Lattimer, William Lattimer, William Lattimore, Frederick Lasker, William Lathmore, Samuel Laura, John Laureny, Homer Laury, Michael Lased, Daniel Lavet, Pierre Lavigne, Michael Lavona, Ezekiel Law (2), John Law, Richard Law, Thomas Law, Michael Lawbridge, Thomas Lawrance, Antonio Lawrence, Isaac Lawrence, James Lawrence, John Lawrence (2), Joseph Lawrence, Michael Lawrence, Robert Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence (3), Thomas Lawrence, William Lawrence (2), John Lawrie, Andrew Lawson, Joseph Lawson, Joseph Lawton, Edward Lay, Lenolen Layfield, William Layne, John Layons, Colsie Layton, Jessie Layton, Anthony Layzar, Ezekiel Leach, Thomas Leach (3), William Leach, William Leachs, John Leafeat, Cornelius Leary, John Leasear, John Leatherby, Louis Leblauc, Philip Le Caq, William Le Cose, Baptist Le Cour, Benjamin Lecraft, Joseph Lecree, Aaron Lee, Adam Lee, David Lee, Henry Lee, James Lee, John Lee, Josiah Lee, Peter Lee, Richard Lee (3), Stephen Lee, Thomas Lee (3), James Leech, John Leech (2), George Leechman, Jack Leeme, Joseph Leera, Jean Lefant, __ Le Pargue, Michael Lefen, Samuel Le Fever, Nathaniel Le Fevere, Alexander Le Fongue, Jean Le Ford, Hezekiah Legrange, Thomas Legrange, Joseph Legro, Samuel Legro, George Lehman, Gerge Lehman, George Leish, Jacob Lelande, Jeremiah Leman, John Lemee, Rothe Lemee, Abraham Lemon, Peter Lemonas, Pierre Lemons, John Lemont, Powell Lemosk, John Lemot, James Lenard, Joseph Lenard, John Lenham, Tuft Lenock, Joseph Lenoze, John Leonard, Simon Leonard, Louis Le Pach, Joshua Le Poore, Pierre Le Port, Francis Lepord, Pierre Lepord, Pierre Lerandier, Jean Le Rean, Joseph Peccanti Lescimia, John Lessington, John Lessell, Christian Lester, Henry Lester, Lion Lesteren, Ezekiel Letts (2), James Leuard, Anthony Levanden, Thomas Leverett, John Leversey, Joseph Levett, Nathaniel Levi, Bineva Levzie, Jean Baptiste Leyuac, Nicholas L'Herox, Pierre Liar, John Lidman, George Lichmond, Charles Liekerada, Charles Liekeradan, Louis Light, John Lightwell, Homer Ligond, Joseph Lilihorn, Jonathan Lillabridge, Joseph Lillehorn, Thomas Lilliabridge, Armistead Lillie, John Lilling, John Limberick, Christopher Limbourne (2), Lewis Lincoln, Samuel Lindsay, James Lindsey, Matthew Lindsley, William Lindsley, Lamb Lines, Charles Linn, Lewis Linot, Richard Linthorn, Nicholas Linva, Samuel Linzey, William Linzey, Jesse Lipp, Henry Lisby, Francis Little, George Little, John Little (3), Philip Little, Thomas Little, Thomas Littlejohn, William Littleton, Thomas Livet, Licomi Lizarn, James Lloyd, Simon Lloyd, William Lloyd, Lones Lochare, John Logan, Patrick Logard, Eve Logoff, Samuel Lombard, John London, Richard London, Adam Lone, Christian Long, Enoch Long , Jeremiah Long, William Long, Martin Longue, Emanuel Loper, Joseph Lopez, Daniel Loran, John Lorand, Nathaniel Lord, William Loreman, Francis Loring, John Lort, Thomas Lorton, Jean Lossett, William Lott, David Louis, John Love (2), Stephen Love, Thomas Love, John Loveberry, William Loverin, James Lovett, Thomas Lovett (2), James Low, William Low, John Lowe, Abner Lowell (2), Israel Lowell, Jonathan Lowell, John Lowering, Jacob Lowerre, Robert Lowerre (2), Robert Lowerry, John Lowery, Philip Lowett, John Lowring, Pierre Lozalle, Jacques Lubard, James Lucas, Lucian Lucas, Jean Lucie, William Lucker, William Luckey (2), W. Ludds, Samuel Luder, David Ludwith, Peter Lumbard, Francois Lumbrick, Joseph Lunt (3), Skipper Lunt, Philip Lute, Nehemiah Luther, Reuben Luther, Benjamin Luyster, Augustin Luzard, Alexander Lyelar, Charles Lyle, Witsby Linbick, Jean Lynton, Peter Lyon, Samuel Lyon, Archibald Lyons, Daniel Lyons, Ephraim Lyons, Ezekiel Lyons, Jonathan Lyons, Samuel Lyons, Jean Franco Mabugera, John Macay, Nicholas McCant, John Mace, Anthony Macguire, Pierre Macker, William Macgneol, Romulus Mackroy, John Madding (2), Peter Madding, Peter Maggot, John Maginon, Stringe Mahlan, Peter Mahrin, Jean Maikser, William Main, Joseph Mainwright, Simon Majo, Pierre Malaque, John Maleon, Lewis Malcom, Maurice Malcom, John Male, William Malen, Francis Maler, Matthew Malkellan, Enoch Mall, Daniel Malleby, Thomas Malleby, Frederick Malleneux, John Mallet, Daniel Mallory, John Malone, Paul Malory, Thomas Makend, Nathaniel Mamford, __ Mamney, Peter Manaford, Josiah Manars, John Manchester, Silas Manchester, Thaddeus Manchester, Edward Mand, Edward Manda, Jonathan Mandevineur, Sylvester Manein, Pierre Maneit, Etien Manett, George Manett, George Mangoose, John Manhee, William Manilla, Anthony Mankan, Jacob Manlore, William Manlove, John Manly, James Mann, John Manor, Isaac Mans, Benjamin Mansfield, Hemas Mansfield, William Mansfield, Joseph Mantsea, Jonathan Maples, Jean Mapson, Auree Marand, __ Marbinnea, Mary Marblyn, Etom Marcais, James Marcey, Jean Margabta, Jean Marguie, Timothy Mariarty, John Mariner (2), Hercules Mariner (2), Elias Markham, Thomas Marle, James Marley, Jean Marlgan, Francis Marmilla, David Marney, James Marriott, Zachary Marrall, William Marran, James Marriott, Alexander Marse, James Marsh, Benjamin Marshall, James Marshall, John Marshall, Joseph Marshall, Samuel Marshall, Thomas Marshall, Timothy Marson, Thomas Marston, Adam Martellus, Antonio Marti, Ananias Martin, Damon Martin, Daniel Martin, Daniel F. Martin, Emanuel Martin, Embey Martin, Francis Martin, George Martin, Gilow Martin, Jacob Martin, James Martin, Jesse Martin, John Martin (4), Joseph Martin (3), Lewis Martin, Martin Martin, Michael Martin, Peter Martin, Philip Martin, Samuel Martin (2, Simon Martin, Thomas Martin (2), William Martin (3), Jose Martine (2), Thomas Martine, Pierre Martinett, Philip Marting, Martin Martins, Oliver Marton, John Marton, Baptist Marvellon, Anthony Marwin, Andrew Masar, Thomas Mash, Matthew Maskillon, Thomas Masley, Jean Maso, Augustus Mason, Francis Mason, Gerard B. Mason, Halbert Mason, James Mason, Louis Mason, Charles Massaa, James Massey, James Maston, Pierre Mathamice, James Mathes, Jeffrey Mathews, John Mathews, Joseph Mathews (2), Josiah Mathews, Richard Mathews (2), Robert Mathews, Thomas Mathews, William Mathews (2), Thomas Mathewson, Robert Mathias, Joseph Matre, James Matson, William Matterga, George Matthews, Joseph Matthews, Josiah Matthews, Richard Matthias, Thomas Maun, James Maurice, John Mawdole, Patrick Maxfield, Daniel Maxwell, David Maxwell, George Maxwell, James Maxwell (6), John Maxwell (3), William Maxwell (5), George May, John Maye (3), John Maygehan, Pierre Maywer (3), Parick McAllister, Charles McArthur, John McArthur, Peter McCalpan, Nathaniel McCampsey, William McCanery, Edward McCann, Daniel McCape (2), Andrew McCarty, Cornelius McCarty, William McCarty, John M. McCash, Francis McClain, James McClanagan, Daniel McClary, Henry McCleaf, Patrick McClemens, John McClesh, Patrick McCloskey, Murphy McCloud, Peter McCloud, James McClure, William McClure, Johnston McCollister, James McComb, Paul McCome, James McConnell, Hugh McCormac, James McCormick, William McCowan, Donald McCoy, George McCoy, Peter McCoy, Samuel McCoy, John McCrady, Gilbert McCray, John McCray, Roderick McCrea, Patrick McCulla, Francis McCullam, Wiliiam McCullock, Daniel McCullough, William McCullough, Patrick McCullum, Caleb McCully, Archibald McCunn, James McDaniel (3), John McDaniel, John McDavid, William McDermott, Alexander McDonald, Donald McDonald, John McDonald, Petre McDonald, William McDonald (2), Patrick McDonough (2), William McDougall, Ebenezer McEntire, John McEvan, John McFaggins, James McFall, Bradford McFarlan, Daniel McFarland, William McFarland (2), Bradford McFarling, Bushford McFarling, John McFamon, William McGandy, John McGee (2), Andrew McGelpin (3), James McGeer, John McGey (3), Arthur McGill, James McGill, Henry McGinness, James McGinniss, John McGoggin, Robert McGonnegray, James McGowan, John McGoy, Barnaby McHenry, Duncan Mclntire, Patrick McKay, Matthew McKellum, Barnaby McKenry, John McKensie, Thomas McKeon, Patrick Mc Key, James McKinney (2), John McKinsey, George McKinsle, William McKinsley, Benjamin McLachlan, Edward McLain, Lewis McLain, Philip McLaughlin, Daniel McLayne, James McMichael, Philip McMonough, Francis McName, John McNauch, Archibald McNeal, John McNeal, James McNeil, William McNeil, John McNish, Molcolm McPherman, William McQueen, Charles McQuillian, Samuel McWaters, Samuel Mecury, John Medaff, John Mede, Joshua Medisabel, Joseph Meack, John Meak, Usell Meechen, Abraham Meek, Joseph Meek, Timothy Meek, John Mego, Springale Meins, William Melch, Joseph Mellins, Harvey Mellville, William Melone, Adam Meltward, George Melvin, Lewis Meneal, John Menelick, Jean Baptist Menlich, William Mellwood, John Mercaten, James Mercer, Robert Mercer (2), Jean Merchant (2), John Merchant, Peter Merchant, William Merchant, John Merchaud, Sylvester Mercy, Bistin Mereff, Jean Meritwell, Francis Merlin, John Merlin, Augustus Merrick, John Merrick, Joseph Merrick, Samuel Merrick, Nimrod Merrill, John Merritt, John Merry, John Mersean, Clifton Merser, John Mersey, Abner Mersick, William Messdone, Thomas Messell, George Messingburg, George Messmong, Thomas Metsard, Job Meyrick, Roger Mickey, Thomas Migill, James Migley, Jean Milcher, John Miles (2), Segur Miles, Thomas Miles, Timothy Miles, George Mildred, James Millbown, Robert Millburn, John Millen, Christopher Miller, David Miller, Ebenezer Miller, Elijah Miller (2), George Miller, Jacob Miller, John Miller (3), John James Miller, Jonathan Miller, Michael Miller, Peter Miller, Samuel Miller (2), William Miller (2), Maurice Millet, Thomas Millet, Francis Mills, John Mills (2), William Mills, Dirk Miners, John Mink, Renard Mink, Lawrence Minnharm, Arnold Minow, Kiele Mires, Koel Mires, Anthony Mitchell, Benjamin Mitchell, James Mitchell, Jean Mitchell, John Mitchell (2), Joseph Mitchell, David P. Mite, Elijah Mix, Joseph Mix, Paul Mix, James Moet, William Moffat, David Moffet, Emanuel Moguera, Peter Moizan, Joseph Molisan, Alexander Molla, Mark Mollian, Ethkin Mollinas, Bartholomew Molling, Daniel Mollond, James Molloy, John Molny, Gilman Molose, Enoch Molton, George Molton, Isaac Money, Perry Mongender, William Monrass, James Monro, Abraham Monroe, John Monroe, Thomas Monroe, David Montague, Norman Montague, William Montague, Lewis Montaire, Francis Montesdague, George Montgomery (2), James Montgomery (3), John Montgomery (2), James Moody, Silas Moody, Hugh Mooney, Abraham M o o r e (2), Adam Moore, Frederick Moore, Henry Moore, Israel Moore, James Moore, John Moore (2), Joseph Moore, Nathaniel Moore, Patrick Moore, Ralph Moore, Richard Moore, Samuel Moore, Stephen Moore, Thomas Moore (6), Wardman Moore, William Moore (6), Charles Moosey, John Mooton, Acri Morana, John Morant, Adam Morare, John Baptist Moraw, W. Morce, Gilmot Morea, Toby Morean, Joseph Morehand, Abel Morehouse (2), Grosseo Moreo, Jonathan Morey, Lewis Morey, Louis Morey, Abel Morgan, Henry Morgan, John Morgan (3), Joseph Morgan, Matthew Morgan, John Moride, Edward Moritz, William Morein, James Morley, John Morrell, Osborne Morrell, Robert Morrell (3), Francis Morrice, Andrew Morris (2), Daniel Morris, David Morris, Easins Morris, Edward Morris, Foster Morris, Gouverneur Morris, John Morris (3), Matthew Morris, Philip Morris, Robert Morris, W. Morris, William Morris, Hugh Morrisin, James Morrison, Murdock Morrison, Norman Morrison, Samuel Morrison, Richard Morse, Sheren Morselander, William Morselander, Benjamin Mortimer, Robert Mortimer (2), Abner Morton (2), George Morton, James Morton, Philip Morton (2), Robert Morton, Samuel Morton, Philip Mortong, Simon Morzin, Negro Moses, Daniel Mosiah, Sharon Moslander, William Moslander, John Moss (2), Alexander Motley, William Motley, Elkinar Mothe, Enoch Motion, Benjamin Motte, Francis Moucan, Jean Moucan, George Moulton, John Moulton, Richard Mount, John Muanbet, Hezekiah Muck, Tacob Muckleroy, Philip Muckleroy (2), Jacob Mullen, Eleme Mullent, Jean Muller, Leonard Muller, Robert Muller, Abraham Mullet, Jonathan Mullin, Leonard Mullin, Jonathan Muffin, Robert Mullin, William Mullin, Edward Mulloy (2), Francis Mulloy, Richard Mumford, Timothy Mumford, Michael Mungen, John Mungon, John Munro, Henry Munrow, Royal Munrow, Thomas Munthbowk, Hosea Munul, James Murdock (2), John Murdock, Peter Murlow, Daniel Murphy (2), John Murphy, Nicholas Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Thomas Murphy (2), Bryan Murray, Charles Murray, Daniel Murray (2), John Murray (4), Silas Murray, Thomas Murray, William Murray, Antonio Murria (2), David Murrow, John Murrow, Samuel Murrow, Adam Murtilus, Richard Murus, Antonio Musqui, Ebenezer Mutter, Jean Myatt, Adam Myers (2), George Myles, Henry Myres, Ebenezer Nabb, Dippen Nack, Archibald Nailer, Thomas Nandiva, Hosea Nandus, Richard Nash, Jean Natalt, Benjamin Nathan, Joseph Nathan, John Nathey (2), Nathaniel Naval, Simon Navane, Francis Navas, Pierre Navey, David Neal (2), George Neal, William Nealson, Ebenezer Neating, Gideon Necar, Joseph Negbel, Michael Negg, John Negis, James Neglee, Frank Negroe, James Negroe, James Negus, Thomas Negus, Abraham Neilson, Alexander Neilson, James Neilson, Joseph Neilson, Alexander Nelson, Andrew Nelson, John Nelson (2), Joseph Nelson, Thomas Nelson (2), William Nelson, Thomas Nesbitt, Bartholomew Nestora, Francis Neville, Jean Neville, Michael Neville, Ebenezer Newall, Sucreason Newall, William Neward, Elisha Newbury, Andrew Newcomb, John Newcomb, Andrew Newell, Amos Newell, Joseph Newell, Nathaniel Newell, Robert Newell, Nicholas Newgal, Joseph Newhall, Joseph Newille, Francis Newman, Moses Newman, Nathaniel Newman, Samuel Newman, Thomas Newman (4), Adam Newton (2), John Newton, William Newton, Adam Newtown, William Newtown, John Niester, James Nigley, Richard Nich, Thomas Nicher, Martin Nichets, Richard Nicholas, Allen Nichols, George Nichols, James Nichols, John Nichols, Richard Nichols, Alexander Nicholson, George Nicholson, Samuel Nicholson, Thomas Nicholson, George Nicks, Gideon Nigh, William Nightingale, James Nigley, Frank Niles, Robert Nixon, Jean Noblat, Arnox Noble, James Noble, John Mary Noblet, John Nocker, William Noel, William Nore, John Norfleet, Proper Norgand, John Norie, James Norman, John Norman, Joseph Norman, Peter Norman, Joseph Normay, Henry Norris, Anfield North, Daniel Northron, Harris Northrup, William Northrup, Elijah Norton, Jacob Norton, John Norton (3), Nicholas Norton, Peter Norton, William Norton, Jacques Norva (2), William Nourse, Nathaniel Nowell, Joseph Noyes, William Nurse, Pierre Nutern, David Nutter (2), Joseph Nutter, John Nuttin (2), Ebenezer Nutting, Robert Nyles, Charles Oakford, Solomon Oakley, John Oakman, Israel Oat, Joseph Oates, John Obey (2), Cornelius O'Brien, Edward O'Brien, John O'Brien, William O'Bryan, Daniel Obourne, Samuel Oderon, Samuel Odiron, Pierre Ogee, John Ogilion, Richard Ogner, Patrick O'Hara, Robert O'Hara, Patrick O'Harra, Daniel Olbro, George Oldham, John Oldsmith, Raymond O'Larra, Devoe Olaya, Zebulon Olaya, Don R. Antonio Olive, Anthony Oliver, James Oliver (5), Zebulon Oliver, Ebenezer Onsware, Allan Ord, John Ord, John Orgall, Sebastian Orman, Edward Ormunde, William Orr, John Orrock, Emanuel Orseat, Patrick Orsley, John Osborn, Joseph Osbourne, John Oseglass, Stephen Osena, John Osgood, Gabriel Oshire, Jean Oshire, Louis Oshire, John Osman, Henry Oswald, Gregorian Othes, Andre Otine (2), Samuel Otis, Benjamin Otter, John Oubler, Charles Ousanon, Samuel Ousey, William Ousey, Jay Outon, John Outton, Jonathan Ovans, Samuel Ovell, Vincent Overatt, Samuel Overgorm, Lewis Owal, John Owen, Anthony Owens, Archibald Owens, Barnick Owens, James Owens, John Owens, Samuel Owens, Jean Packet, Abel Paddock, Joseph Paddock, Silas Paddock, Daniel Paddock, Journey Padouan, B. Pain, Jacob Painter, Henry Painter, John Palicut, Daniel Palmer, Elisha Palmer, Gay Palmer, George Palmer, James Palmer, John Palmer, Jonas Palmer, Joshua Palmer, Lemuel Palmer, Matthew Palmer, Moses Palmer, Philip Palmer, William Palmer (4), Peter Palot, Moses Palot, Nicholas Pamphillion, Emea Panier, Anthony Panks, Joseph Parde, Christopher Pardindes, Jacob Pardley, John Parish, George Park, John Parkard, Thomas Parkard, George L. Parke, Joseph Parkens, Amos Parker, Ebenezer Parker, Edward Parker, George Parker (2), John Parker (4), Luther Parker (2), Peter Parker, Samuel Parker (2), Thaddeus Parker, Timothy Parker, George Parks, Richard Parks, Thomas Parkson, Joseph Parlot, Thomas Parnell, Jean Parol, Sebastian Parong, Dominick Parpot, Gabriel Parrie, Francis Parshall, James Parsons (2), Jeremiah Parsons, John Parsons, Joseph Parsons, Samuel Parsons, Stephen Parsons, William Parsons (2), James Partridge, Roman Pascan, Edmund Paschal, Leroy Pasehall, Richard Pass, William Pass, Israel Patch, Joseph Patrick, David Patridge, Edward Patterson, Hance Patterson, John Patterson (2), Peter Patterson, W. Patterson, William Patterson, William Paul, Pierre Payatt, James Payne, Josiah Payne, Oliver Payne, Thomas Payne (2), William Payne (2), William Payton, John Peacock, Benjamin Peade, Benjamin Peal, Samuel Pealer, William Peals, John Pear, Amos Pearce, Benjamin Pearce, John Pearce, Jonathan Pearce, Edward Pearsol, John Pearson, George Peasood, Elisha Pease, Estrant Pease, Guliel Pechin, Andrew Peck (2), Benjamin Peck, James Peck, Joseph Peck (2), Simon Peck, William Peck, Benjamin Pecke, Gardner Peckham, John Peckworth, Zachary Peddlefoot, Solomon Pedgore, Edward Pedlock, Alexander Pees, John Pees, Silas Pegget, Jean Pegit, John Pelit, Pierre Pelit, Samuel Pell, Sebastian Pelle, Jacques Peloneuse, __ Pelrice, Gothard Pelrice, John Pelvert, Amos Pemberton (2), Thomas Pemberton, William Pemberton, John Pendleton, Sylvester Pendleton (2), __ Penfield, Peter Penoy, James Penwell, John Baptist Peomond, Alfred Peose, Michael Pepper, Thomas Perall, James Peril, Charles Perinell, Peter Perieu, Charles Perkinell, Charles Perkmell, Jabez Perkins, Jonathan Perkins, Joseph Perkins, William Perkins, Antonio Permanouf, Peter Perons, Peter Perora, Pierre Perout, John Perry, Joseph Perry, Raymond Perry, Richard Perry, William Perry (7), Manuel Person, Jabez Pervis, Jean Peshire, John Peterkin (2), Francis Peters, John Peters (2), Aaron Peterson, Hance Peterson, Joseph Peterson (2), James Petre, William Pett, Daniel Pettis, Ephraim Pettis, Nathan Pettis, Isaac Pettit, Joseph Antonio Pezes, Thomas Philbrook, John Philip (2), Joseph Philip, Lewis Philip, Pierre Philip, John Philips, Lewin Philips, Nathan Philips, Thomas Philips, Edward Phillips, John Phillips (2), Samuel Phillips, James Phimmer, Joseph Phipise, Nathaniel Phippin, Thomas Phippin, Jean Picher, Juan Picko, Pierre Pickolet, Richard Pierce (2), Stephen Pierce, Jeremiah Pierel, Jean Pierre, Jesse Pierre, Jucah Pierre, Joseph Pierson, Amos Pike, John Pike, George Pill, Joseph Pillion, Truston Pilsbury, John Pimelton, Simeon Pimelton, James Pine (2), Charles Pinkel, Jonathan Pinkman, Robert Pinkman, Augustus Pion, Henry Pipon, Jean Pisung, Elias Pitchcock, Sele Pitkins, Jofln Pitman, Jonathan Pitman (2), Thomas Pitt, John Pittman, W. Pitts , Nathaniel Plachores, Elton Planet, Etena Planett, John Platte, William Plemate, Francis Plenty, John Ploughman, Thomas Plunkett, James Plumer, John Plumstead, Thomas Plunkett, Matthew Poble, Henry Pogan, Daniel Poges, Salvador Pogsin, Michael Poinchet, Gilman Poirant, William Poke, Iohn Poland, John Pollard, Peter Pollard, Jonathas Pollin, Elham Poloske, Samuel Polse, William Polse, Charles Pond, Pennell Pond, Peter Pond, Culman Poni, Fancis Ponsard, Hosea Pontar, Joseph Pontesty, Robert Pool, David Poole, Hosea Poole, John Poole, Richard Poole, Robert Poole, Morris Poor, Thomas Poor, Henry Poore, Morris Poore, William Poore, Alexander Pope, John Pope, Etienne Porlacu, Nathaniel Porson, Anthony Port, Charles Porter (3), David Porter (3), Edward Porter, Frederick Porter, Howard Porter, John Porter (2), Thomas Porter, William Porter, Frank Portois, Seren Poseter, Jeremiah Post, Jean Postian, Edward Posture, Thomas Posture, Thomas Poteer, Abijah Potter, Charles Potter, Ephraim Potter, Rufus Potter, Mark Pouchett, Jean Poullain, Mark B. Poullain, William Powder, John Powell, Thomas Powell, William Powder, Patrick Power, Richard Powers, Stephen Powers, Nicholas Prande (2), Benjamin Prate, James Prate, Ebenezer Pratt, Ezra Pratt (2), Andre Preno, Nathaniel Prentiss, Robert Prentiss, Stanton Prentiss, Andrew Presson, Isaac Presson, Benjamin Prettyman, John Pribble (2), Edward Price (2), Joseph Price, Nathaniel Price, Reason Price (2), Richard Price, Samuel Price, William Price, John Prichard, Jonathan Pride, William Priel, Henry Primm, Edward Primus, Charles Prince, Negro Prince, Nicholas Priston, James Proby, James Proctor, Joseph Proctor, Samuel Proctor, Claud Provost, Paul Provost, John Proud (2), Joseph Proud, Joseph Brought, Lewis de Pue, James Pullet, Pierre Punce, Peter Purlett, William Purnell, Edward Pursell, Abraham Putnam, Creece Putnam, James Quality (3), Joseph Quality, Josiah Quality, Samuel Quamer, Thomas Quand, Louis Quelgrise, Duncan Quigg (2), James Quinch, Samuel Quinn, Charles Quiot, Samuel Quomer, Thomas Race, Antonio Rackalong, Patrick Rafferty, Daniel Raiden, Michael Raingul, Richard Rainham, Thomas Rainiot, George Rambert, Peter Ramlies, Joseph Ramsdale, Abner Ramsden, Jean C. Ran, Benjamin Randall, Charles Randall, Edward Randall, Jesse Randall, Joseph Randall, Nathaniel Randal (2), Thomas Randall, William Randal (2), Dolly Randel, Paul Randell, Joseph Randell (2), Joses Randell, George Randell, Paul Randell, George Randels, Nathaniel Randol, Jean Baptiste Rano, Benjamin Ranshaw, James Rant, Norman Rathbun, Roger Rathbun, Peter Rathburn, Samuel Rathburn, Rogers Rathburne, Peter Rattan, Arthur Rawson, Francis Rawson, James Rawson, Alexander Ray, John Ray, Nathaniel Ray, Nathaniel Raye, George Raymond, James Raymond, William Raymond, William Raymons, Jean Raynor, Benjamin Read, Oliver Reade, Jeremiah Reardon, Lewis Recour, John Red, James Redfield, Edward Redick, Benjamin Redman, Andre Read, Barnard Reed, Christian Reed, Curtis Reed, Eliphaz Reed, George Reed, Jeremiah Reed, Job Reed, John Reed (2), Jonathan Reed, Joseph Reed, Levi Reed, Thomas Reed (2), William Reed (2), John Reef, Nicholas Reen, Thomas Reeves, Jacques Refitter, Julian Regan, Hugh Reid, Jacob Reiton, Jean Remong, Jean Nosta Renan, Louis Renand, John Renean, Pierre Renear, Thomas Renee, Thomas Rennick, Frederick Reno, Jean Renovil, Michael Renow, Jean Reo, Barton Repent, Jean Requal, Jesse Rester, Louis Rewof, Thomas Reynelds, Elisha Reynolds, Nathaniel Reynolds, Richard Reynolds (2), Thomas Reynolds, Thomas Reyzick, Sylvester Rhodes, Thomas de Ribas, George Ribble, Benjamin Rice, Edward Rice, James Rice, John Rice (2), Nathaniel Rice, Noah Rice, William Rice, Elisha Rich, Freeman Rich, John Rich, Matthew Rich, Nathan Rich, Benjamin Richard, Diah Richards, Gilbert Richards, James Richards, John Richards, Oliver Richards, Pierre Richards, William Richards, David Richardson, John Richardson, Pierre Richardson, William Richardson, Cussing Richman, Ebenezer Richman, Benjamin Richmond, Seth Richmond, Clement Ricker, John Rickett, Nathaniel Rickman, Lewis Ridden, Isaac Riddler, Lewis Rider, John Riders, John Ridge, John Ridgway, Isaac Ridler, Amos Ridley, Thomas Ridley, David Rieve, Israel Rieves, Jacob Right, James Rigmorse, Joseph Rigo, Henry Riker, R. Riker, James Riley, Philip Riley, Philip Rilly, Pierre Ringurd, John Rion, Daniel Riordan, Paul Ripley, Ramble Ripley, Thomas Ripley, Ebenezer Ritch, John River, Joseph River, Paul Rivers, Thomas Rivers, John Rivington, Joseph Roach, Lawrence Roach, William Roas, Thomas Robb, James Robehaird, Arthur Robert, John Robert, Julian Robert, Aaron Roberts (2), Edward Roberts, Epaphras Roberts, James Roberts (2), Joseph Roberts, Moses Roberts (2), William Roberts (4), Charles Robertson (2), Elisha Robertson, Esau Robertson, George Robertson, James Robertson (3), Jeremiah Robertson, John Robertson (6), Joseph Robertson, Samuel Robertson, Thomas Robertson, Daniel Robins, Enoch Robins, James Robins, William Robins, Anthony Robinson, Ebenezer Robinson, Enoch Robinson, James Robinson (2), Jehu Robinson, John Robinson (3), Joseph Robinson, Mark Robinson, Nathaniel Robinson, Thomas Robinson, William Robinson, John Rockway, Daniel Rockwell, Jabez Rockwell, Elisha Rockwood, Anthony Roderick, Jean Raptist Rodent, James Rodgers, Michael Rodieu, Francis Rodrigo, Franco Rogeas, Robert Roger, Dudson Rogers, Ebenezer Rogers, Emanuel Rogers, George Rogers (3), John Rogers (5), Nicholas Rogers, Paul Rogers, Thomas Rogers, William Rogers, John Rogert, Joseph Roget, Jean Rogue, John Francis Rogue, John Roke, John Rollin, Paul Rollins, Toby Rollins, Francis Roman, Petre Romary, Diego Romeria, Benjamin Romulus, Lewis Ronder, Jack Rone, Paul Ropeley, Bartram Ropper, Gideon Rose (2), John Rose (2), Philip Rose, Prosper Rose, Jean Rosea, Augustus Roseau, Guilliam Roseau, Jean Baptist Rosua, William Rose, Andrew Ross, Archibald Ross, Daniel Ross (3), David Ross, James Ross, Malone Ross, Thomas Ross, William Ross (3), Bostion Roteslar, John Roth, Samuel Rothburn, Benjamin Rothers, Jean Baptist Rouge, Jean James Rouge, Charles Roulong, Hampton Round, John Round, Nathan Round, Samuel Round, Andrew Rouse, Claud Rouse, Daniel Roush, Hampton Rowe, John Rowe, William Rowe, George Rowen, George Rowing, Patrick Rowland, John Rowley, Sliter Rowley, John Frederick Rowlin, William Rowsery, James Rowson, Augustus Royen, John Royster, Richard Royster, Blost Rozea, Lawrence Rozis, Peter Ruban, Ebenezer Rube, Thomas Rubin, Eden Ruddock, Ezekiel Rude, John Ruffeway, Lewis Ruffie, Henry Rumsower, Joseph Runyan, Nathaniel Ruper, John Rupper, Daniel Ruse, Daniel Rush, Edward Russell, Jacob Russell, Pierre Russell, Samuel Russell, Valentine Russell, William Russell, John Rust, William Rust (2), John Ruth (2), Pompey Rutley, Pierre Ryer, Jacob Ryan, Frank Ryan, Michael Ryan, Peter Ryan, Thomas Ryan, Renee Ryon, Francisco Sablong, John Sachel, Jonathan Sachell, George Sadden, George Saddler, John Sadens, Abraham Sage, Edward Sailly, John Saint, Elena Saldat, Gilbert Salinstall, Luther Salisbury, Michael Sallibie, John Salmon, John Salter, Thomas Salter, Edward Same, Pierre Samleigh, Jacob Sammian, Stephen Sampson (2), Charles Sand, Henry Sanders, Manuel Sandovah, Ewing Sands, Stephen Sands, Daniel Sanford, Anthony Santis, Thomas Sarbett, Louis Sarde, Peter Sarfe, Juan Sassett, David Sasson, Jonathan Satchell, William Saterly, Johns Sathele, Joseph Satton, Edward Sauce, Augustus Saunders, Daniel Saunders, John Saunders, Allen Savage, Belias Savage, Nathaniel Savage (2), Joseph Savot, Benjamin Sawyer, Daniel Sawyer, Ephraim Sawyer (3), James Sawyer, Jeremiah Sawyer, John Sawyer, Peter Sawyer, Thomas Sawyer, William Sawyer, Cuffy Sayers, Joseph Sayers, Henry Scees, Peter Schafer, Melchior Scheldorope, Peter Schwoob, Julian Scope, Christopher Scott, George Scott, James Scott, John Scott (4), Robert Scott, Thomas Scott, William Scott, Daniel Scovell, David Scudder, Nutchell Scull, Lamb Seabury, Samuel Seabury, Adam Seager, George Seager, Thomas Sealey (2), Robert Seares, George Seaton, Antonio Sebasta, Benjamin Secraft, Thomas Seeley, Jean Bantist Sego, Elias Seldon, Edward Sellers, Anthony Selwind, William Semell, John Senior, Adam Sentelume, Abraham Sentilier, Leonard Sepolo, Emanuel Seerus, Anthony Serals, James Seramo, John Serant, Francis Seratte, Francis Sergeant, Thomas Sergeant, Joel Series, Sebastian Serrea, William Service, Jonathan Setchell, Otis Sevethith, Francis Seyeant, Solomon Shad, Matthew Shappo, Elisha Share, John Sharke, Philip Sharp, Peter Sharpe, Philip Sharper, John Sharpley, Joseph Sharpley, Joseph Shatille, Joseph Shatillier, Archibald Shaver, Jacob Shaver, Abner Shaw, Daniel Shaw, James Shaw, Jeremiah Shaw, Joseph Shaw, Samuel Shaw, Thomas Shaw (3), William Shaw, Patrick Shea, Jean Shean, Brittle Sheans, Gideon Shearman, Henry Shearman, Stephen Shearman, Philip Shebzain, John Sheffield, William Sheilds, Nicholas Sheilow, Jeremiah Shell, Benjamin Shelton, James Shepherd, John Shepherd (4), Robert Shepherd (2), Thomas Sherburn, William Sherburne, Gilbert Sherer, James Sheridan, John Sheridan, John Sherman, Samuel Sherman (3), Andrew Sherns, Andrew Sherre, George Shetline, John Shewin, Jacob Shibley, George Shiffen, Louis de Shille, Jack Shilling, Jacob Shindle, Frederick Shiner (2), John Shirkley, Joseph Shoakley (2), Edward Shoemaker, James Shoemaker, Samuel Shokley, John Short (2), Joseph Short, Thomas Short, Enoch Shout, Christopher Shoving, Jacob Shroak, James Shuckley, Thomas Shuman, Francis Shun, Enoch Shulte, John Shute, Richard Sickes, Francis Silver, James Simes, Chapman Simmons, David Simmons, Hilldoves Simmons, John Simmons, Joshua Simms, James Simon, William Simon, Francis Simonds, Boswell Simons, Champion Simons, Elijah Simons, Francis Simons, Joseph Simons, Nathaniel Simons, Nero Simons, Samuel Simons, William Simpkins, Benjamin Simpson, Charles Simpson, Thomas Simpson, John Sindee, John Singer, John Sitchell, John Skay, John Skelton, Samuel Skinner (2), Richard Skinner, Peter Skull (2), David Slac, Benjamin Slade, Thomas Slager, John Slane, Jean Louis Slarick, Measer Slater, Matthew Slaughter, John Slee, Thomas Slewman, Samuel Slide, Joseph Slight, Josiah Slikes, Christopher Sloakum, Edward Sloan, Timothy Sloan, Andrew Sloeman, Thomas Slough, Ebenezer Slow, Isaac Slowell, William Slown, Henry Sluddard, Samuel Slyde, Richard Slykes, William Smack, Joseph Small, Robert Smallpiece, John Smallwood (2), Peter Smart, John Smight, William Smiley, Abraham Smith, Alexander Smith, Allan Smith, Andrew Smith (2), Anthony Smith, Archibald Smith, Basil Smith, Benjamin Smith (2), Burrell Smith, Buskin Smith, Charles Smith, Clement Smith, Clemont Smith, Daniel Smith (3), David Smith, Easoph Smith, Edward Smith, Eleazar Smith, Enoch Smith, Epaphras Smith, Ezekiel Smith, George Smith, Gideon Smith, Haymond Smith, Henry Smith, Hugh Smith, Jack Smith, James Smith (7), Jasper Smith, John Smith (12), Jonathan Smith (5), Joshua Smith, Joseph Smith (3), Laban Smith, Martin Smith, Richard Smith (3), Rockwell Smith, Roger Smith (2), Samuel Smith (6), Stephen Smith, Sullivan Smith, Thomas Smith (8), Walter Smith, William Smith (4), Zebediah Smith, Thomas Smithson, Peter Smothers, Samuel Snare, John Snellin, John Sneyders, Peter Snider, William Snider, Ebenezer Snow, Seth Snow, Sylvanus Snow, Abraham Soft, Raymond Sogue, Assia Sole, Nathan Solley, Ebenezer Solomon, Thomas Solomon, James Sooper, Christian Soudower, Moses Soul, Nathaniel Southam, William Southard, Henry Space, Enoch Spalding, Joshua Spaner, Charles Sparefoot, James Sparrows, John Speake, Martin Speakl, James Spear, Eliphaz Speck, Elchie Snellman, William Spellman, James Spencer, Joseph Spencer, Nicholas Spencer, Thomas Spencer, Solomon Spenser, Henry Spice, John Spicer (2), Lancaster Spicewood, John Spier (2), Richard Spigeman, John Spinks, Caleb Spooner, David Spooner, Shubab Spooner, William Spooner, Jonathan Sprague, Simon Sprague, Philip Spratt, Charles Spring, Richard Springer, John Spriggs, Joshua Spriggs, Thomas Spriggs, William Springer, Alexander Sproat, Thomas Sproat, Gideon Spry, Long Sprywood, Nathaniel Spur, Joshua Squibb, David Squire, John St. Clair, Francisco St. Domingo, John St. Thomas, John Staagers, Thomas Stacy, Thomas Stacey, Christian Stafford, Conrad Stagger, Edward Stagger, Samuel Stalkweather, John Standard, Lemuel Standard, Butler Stanford, Richard Stanford, Robert Stanford, John Stanhope, William Stannard, Daniel Stanton, Nathaniel Stanton (2), William Stanton, Joseph Stanley, Peter Stanley, Starkweather Stanley, W. Stanley, William Stanley, Abijah Stapler, Timothy Star, Samuel Starke, Benjamin Starks, Woodbury Starkweather, John Stearns, William Stearny, Daniel Stedham, Thomas Steele, James Steelman, John Steer, Stephen Sleevman, John Stephen, Benjamin Stephens, John Stephens (2), Henry Stephens, William Stephens (3), David Stephenson, John Stephenson, John Sterns, William Sterry, David Stevens, James Stevens, Joseph Stevens, Levert Stevens, William Stevens, Robert Stevenson, Charles Steward, Joseph Steward, Lewis Steward, Samuel Steward, Daniel Stewart, Edward Stewart (2), Elijah Stewart, Hugh Stewart, Jabez Stewart (2), John Stewart, Samuel Stewart, Stephen Stewart, Thomas Stewart, William Stewart, John Stiger, John Stikes, Daniel Stiles, Israel Stiles, John Stiles, Joshua Stiles, Josiah Stiles, Ashley Stillman, Theodore Stillmar, Enoch Stillwell, John Stillwell, Jacob Stober, Hugh Stocker, William Stocker, Simeon Stockwell, Israel Stoddard, Noah Stoddard, Thomas Stoddard, Edward Stoddart, Israel Stoddart, Nathaniel Stoey, Abney Stone, Amos Stone, Donald Stone, Elijah Stone, Richard Stone, Thomas Stone (5), William Stone, Boston Stoneford, Job Stones, John Stones, Matthew Stoney, Jonathan Stott, Seren Stott, John Stoughton, Daniel Stout, George Stout, William Stout, Andrew Stowers, Blair Stove, Joseph Strand, James Strange, Joshua Bla Stratia, James Stridges, John Stringe, John Stringer, Joseph Stroad, Samuel Stroller, Joseph Stroud, Benjamin Stubbe, John Sturtivant, Smith Stutson, James Suabilty, Benjamin Subbs, Jacquer Suffaraire, Manuel Sugasta, Miles Suldan, Parks Sullevan, Dennis Sullian, Benjamin Sullivan*, Patrick Sullivan, Thomas Sullivan, George Summers, Rufus Sumner, Amos Sunderland, Edward Sunderland (3), Francis Suneneau, John Suneneaux, Andre Surado, Godfrey Suret, Jack C. Surf, Francis Surronto, Hugh Surtes, John Surtevant, John Sussett, Franco Deo Suttegraz, Louis John Sutterwis, George Sutton, James Sutton, John Sutton, Thomas Sutton, Jacob Snyder, Roman Suyker, Simon Swaine, Zacharias Swaine, Thomas Swapple, Absalom Swate, James Swayne, Isaac Swean, Peter Swean (2), Enoch Sweat, John Sweeney (2), Benjamin Sweet, Godfrey Sweet (2), Nathaniel Sweeting, Joshua Swellings, Daniel Swery, Martin Swift, William Swire, Anthony Tabee, John Taber (2), Thomas Taber, Samuel Table, John Tabor, Polack Tabor, Ebenezer Tabowl, Ebenezer Talbot, Silas Talbott, Ebenezer Talbott, William Talbut, James Talketon, Archibald Talley, John Tankason, Caspar Tanner, John Tanner, William Tant, Thomas Tantis, Samuel Tapley, Isaac Tappin, Antonio Tarbour, Townsend Tarena, Edward Target, John Tarrant, Lewis Tarret, Domingo Taugin, Edward Tayender, Samuel Taybor, Alexander Taylor, Andrew Taylor (2}, Gabriel Taylor, Hezekiah Taylor, Isaac Taylor, Jacob Taylor (3), John Taylor (8), Captain John Taylor, Joseph Taylor (2), Major Taylor, Noadiah Taylor, Peter Taylor, Robert Taylor (3), Tobias Taylor, William Taylor (3), George Teather, Thomas Tebard, John Teller, Jean Temare, John Templing, Philip Temver, Gilbert Tennant, Thomas Tenny, Henry Teppett, Governe Terrene, Joshua Ternewe, Thomas Terrett, William Terrett, John Terry, Samuel Terry, William Terry, Joshua Teruewe, Zerlan Tesbard, Jean Tessier, Freeborn Thandick, Lewis Thaxter, Seren Thaxter, John Thelston, Robert Therey, Simon Thimagun, Thurdick Thintle, __ Thomas, Abner Thomas, Andrew Thomas, Cornelius Thomas, Ebenezer Thomas (2), Edward Thomas, Green Thomas, Herod Thomas, Jacques Thomas (2), James Thomas (2), Jean Supli Thoma, Jesse Thomas (2), John Thomas (8), Joseph. 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Traverse, Solomon Treat, James Treby, James Tredwell, William Treen, Andrew Trefair, Thomas Trenchard, William Trendley, Thomas W. Trescott, Andre Treasemas, Edward Trevett, Job Trevo, John Trevor, Thomas Trip, Richard Tripp, Thomas Tripp, Jacob Tripps, John Tritton, Ebenezer Trivet, Jabez Trop, John Trot, John Troth, William Trout, John Trow, Benjamin Trowbridge, David Trowbridge, Stephen Trowbridge, Thomas Trowbridge, Joseph Truck, Peter Truck, William Trunks, Toseph Trust, Robert Trustin, George Trusty, Edward Tryan, Moses Tryon, Saphn Tubbs, Thomas Tubby, John Tucke, Francis Tucker, John Tucker (4), Joseph Tucker (2), Nathan Tucker, Nathaniel Tucker, Paul Tucker, Robert Tucker (2), Seth Tucker, Solomon Tucker, George Tuden, Charles Tully, Casper Tumner, Charles Tunkard, Charles Turad, Elias Turk, Joseph Turk, Caleb Turner, Caspar Turner, Francis Turner, George Turner, James Turner, John Turner (3), Philip Turner, Thomas Turner (4), William Turner (2), Lisby Turpin (2), Peter Turrine, John Tutten, Daniel Twigg, Charles Twine, Joseph Twogood, Daily Twoomey, Thomas Tyerill, Jean Tyrant, John Tyse, Urson Ullaby, Thomas Umthank, Benjamin Uncers, Joseph Union, Obadiah Upton, John Usher, Andre Utinett, Abimelech Uuncer, Peter Vaidel, Pierre Valem, Joseph Valentine, George Vallance, David Vallet, John Valpen, Nathan Vamp, William Vance, Thomas Vandegrift, Francis Vandegrist, Patrick Vandon, John Vandross, Eleazar Van Dyke, John Van Dyke, Nathaniel Van Horn, William Van Horn, Christain Vann, Jean Van Orse, James Vanoster, Barnabus Varley, Patrick Vasse, Richard Vaugh, Aaron Vaughan, Andrew Vaughan, Christian Vaughan, David Veale, Elisha Veale, Toser Vegier, Bruno Velis, David Velow, William Venable, Moses Ventis, Samuel Ventis, Joseph Verdela, Julian Verna, Peter Vesseco, Justin Vestine, Pierre Vettelet, John Vial, Jean Viauf, William Vibert, Anare Vic, John Vickery, Roger Victory, David Viegra, Daniel Viero, WilliamVierse, Jean Vigo, John Vilvee, Lange Vin, Peter Vinane, Francis Vincent, William Vinnal, Robert Virnon, Jean Vissenbouf, Andrew Vitena, Joseph Vitewell, Juan Albert Vixeaire, John Voe, John Vonkett, William Von Won, Nicholas Vookly, John Vorus, Henry Voss, George Vossery, Christian Wadde, Benjamin Wade, Thomas Wade (2), Christopher Wadler, Richard Wagstaff, Joseph Wainwright, Jacob Wainscott, Matthew Wainscott, Charles Waistcoott, Ezekiel Waistcoat, Jabez Waistcoat, Jacob Waistcoat, John Waistcoat, Joseph Waiterly, Joseph Wakefield, Joseph Walcot, Asa Walden, George Walding, John Waldrick, Ephraim Wales, Samuel Wales, Baldwin Walker, Daniel Walker, Ezekiel Walker, George Walker, Hezekiah Walker, John Walker, Joseph Walker, Michael Walker (4), Nathaniel Walker (4), Richard Walker, Samuel Walker (2), Thomas Walker (2), William Walker (2), James Wall, Bartholomew Wallace, John Wallace, Joseph Wallace, Thomas Wallace (2), Ebenezer Wallar, Joseph Wallen, Caleb Waller, George Wallesly, Anthony Wallis, Beniamin Wallis, Ezekiel Wallis, George Wallis, Hugh Wallis, James Wallis, John Wallis, Jonathan Wallis, John Wallore, Edward Walls, William Wallsey, William Walmer, Robert Walpole, John Walsey, Patrick Walsh, George Walter, John Walter, Joseph Walter, Jonathan Walters, Roger Walters, Henry Walton, John Walton, Jonathan Walton, John Wandall, Ezekiel Wannell, Powers Wansley, Michael Wanstead, George Wanton, Benjamin Ward, Charles Ward, Christenton Ward, David Ward, Joseph Ward, Simon Ward, Thomas Ward, William Ward, John Warde, Benjamin Wardell, John Wardell, James Wardling, Elijah Wareman, William Warf, Unit Warky, Joseph Warley, Joseph Warmesley, William Taylor Warn, Christopher Warne, Andrew Warner, Amos Warner, Berry Warner, John Warner, Obadiah Warner, Samuel Warner (2), Thomas Warner, Robert Warnock, Christopher Warrell, Benjamin Warren, Jonathan Warren, Obadiah Warren, Richard Warringham, William Warrington, Thomas Warsell, Lloyd Warton, Joseph Wartridge, Townsend Washington, Asher Waterman (2), Azariah Waterman, Calvin Waterman, John Waterman, Samuel Waterman, Thomas Waterman, William Waterman (3), Henry Waters, John Waters, Thomas Waters, John Watkins, Thomas Watkins (4), Edward Watson, Joseph Watson, Henry Watson (2), John Watson (5), Nathaniel Watson, Robert Watson, Thomas Watson (5), William Watson, John Watt, William Wattle, Henry Wattles, Joseph Watts, Samuel Watts, Thomas Watts, Andrew Waymore, James Wear, Jacob Weatherall, Joseph Weatherox, Thomas Weaver, Jacob Webb, James Webb, John Webb (3), Jonathan Webb, Michael Webb, Nathaniel Webb, Oliver Webb, Thomas Webb (2), William Webb (2), Joseph Webber, William Webber (2), George Webby, Francis Webster, William Wedden, John Wedger, David Wedon, William Weekman, Francis Weeks (2), James Weeks, Seth Weeks, Thomas Weeks, John Welanck, Ezekiel Welch, George Welch, Isaac Welch, James Welch (5), Matthew Welch, Moses Welch, Philip Welch, Joseph Wenthoff, Nellum Welk, John Wellis, John Wellman, Matthew Wellman, Timothy Wellman, Cornelius Wells, Ezra Wells, Gideon Wells, Joseph Wells, Peter Wells, Richard Wells, William Wells, Joseph Welpley, David Welsh, John Welsh, Patrick Wen, Isaac Wendell, Robert Wentworth, Joseph Wessel, William Wessel, John Wessells, Benjamin West, Edward West, Jabez West (3), Richard West (2), Samuel Wester, Henry Weston, Simon Weston, William Weston, Philip Westward, Jesse Wetherby, Thomas Whade, John Wharfe, Lloyd Wharton, Michael Whater, Jesse Wheaton, Joseph Wheaton, Henry Wheeler, Michael Wheeler, Morrison Wheeler, William Wheeler (2), Michael Whelan, Michael Whellan, James Whellan, Jesse Whelton, John Whelton, Horatio Whethase, John Whila, Benjamin Whipple (2), Samuel Whipple, Stephen Whipple, Christopher Whippley, Benjamin White (2), Ephraim White, Ichabod White, James White, John White (7), Lemuel White, Joseph White, Lemuel White, Richard White, Robert White, Sampson White (2), Samuel White (2), Thomas White (2), Timothy White, Watson White, William White (3), Jacob Whitehead, Enoch Whitehouse, Harmon Whiteman, Luther Whitemore, William Whitepair, Card Way Whithousen, George Whiting (2), James Whiting, William Whiting, John 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Wittle, John Woesin, Henry Woist, Henry Wolf, John Wolf, Simon de Wolf, Stephen de Wolf, Champion Wood, Charles Wood (3), Daniel Wood (4), Edward Wood (2), George Wood, Jabez Wood, John Wood, Jonathan Wood, Joseph Wood (2), Justus Wood, Matthew Wood, Samuel Wood (2), William Wood, Herbert Woodbury (3), Jacob Woodbury, Luke Woodbury, Nathaniel Woodbury, Robert Woodbury, William Woodbury, Thomas Woodfall, David Woodhull, Henry Woodly, Nathaniel Woodman, James Woodson, Joseph Woodward, Gideon Woodwell, Abel Woodworth, Edward Woody, John Woody, Michael Woolock, Michael Woomstead, James Woop, William Wooten, James Worthy, John Wright, Robert Wright, Benjamin Wyatt, John Wyatt (2), Gordon Wyax, Reuben Wyckoff, William Wyer, Henry Wylie, John Xmens, Joseph Yalkington, Joseph Yanger, Joseph Yard, Thomas Yates, Francis Yduchare, Adam Yeager, Jacob Yeason, Jacob Yeaston, Pender Yedrab, George Yoannet, Edward Yorke, Peter Yose, Alexander Young, Archibald Young, Charles Young, George Young, Ichabod Young, Jacob Young, John Young (2), Marquis Young (2), Seth Young, William Young, Charles Youngans, Louis Younger, Jean Peter Zamiel, Pierre Zuran.



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