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Prison Ship Martyrs Association is a non-profit corporation founded for the purpose of advocacy for the proper remembrance of those Prison Ship Martyrs who willing gave their lives in the cause of freedom.

On February 5, 1855 the New York Times described who they were:

Their virtues were of an unobtrusive sort – their patriotism was of the stern breed that ends only with life. We know that rewards were offered to many of them if they would disown their country – rewards sometimes of money and sometimes of preferment in the British Navy. But money and preferment alike were spurned; they preferred the wormy bread and copper-poisoned meat, the stifled hold, the typhus, burial in a ditch, and names unstained by dishonor or treason to the cause, before pardon, wealth and preferment under a Government that was playing tyrant to their home.

If you can please contribute what you are able to for our cause. Any amount, even $5 or $10 will be appreciated. If you can donate any amount, we will email you a membership certificate in your name, which you can print, and is suitable for framing.

If you can contribute $100 or more you will be a Bronze Level Associate Member and receive your Bronze Level certificate in the mail, if $500 or more you will be a Silver Level Associate Member and receive your Silver Level certificate in the mail, and if $1000 or more you will be a Gold Level Associate Member and receive your Gold Level certificate in the mail.


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We petition the Obama Administration to create a National Monument in Washington DC honoring the 11,500 Prison Ship Martyrs from the Revolutionary War. During the battle for New York, starting in August, 1776 and after New York City fell to the British, thousands of “rebels” came into British hands. It didn’t take long for the prison space to be filled up. At the same time, the British navy had taken a number of derelict vessels and soon turned them into maritime prison ships. Each ship had more than 1,000 men crammed into the hold. Every morning, the dead would be carried up on deck to be hauled to shore later in the day. The bodies were then dumped into shallow mass graves on the shore of Wallabout Bay in Brooklyn.

: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/create-national-monument-washington-dc-honoring-11500-prison-ship-martyrs-revolutionary-war/mJTKNvw5